How To Use It, How Much + More

Personal lubricant, usually merely known as lube, is a liquid or gel used throughout sexual play to scale back friction between physique elements or any a part of your physique and a intercourse toy. Besides decreasing friction, lube can even enhance pleasure and cut back ache or discomfort throughout penetrative intercourse, masturbation, or intercourse toy play. Whether you are participating in sexual exercise with a accomplice or alone, lube usually creates an total extra satisfying expertise by conserving you lubricated and your vaginal or anal tissue comfortable.

Importantly, utilizing lube doesn’t imply your physique isn’t functioning because it ought to. Sure, the vagina naturally creates its personal lubrication, however there are tons of things that contribute to producing lower than regular or conditions the place you’d profit from including extra. For instance, menopause, growing older, metabolism, hormonal modifications, contraception, and the unwanted side effects of different drugs all have the flexibility to impression your physique’s pure lubrication ranges and enhance vaginal dryness.

“While natural vaginal lubricant is produced during periods of arousal, people who menstruate often find that this amount of lubricant is insufficient for making sex as enjoyable as possible,” shares Jess Barra, FNP, nurse practitioner for intercourse and wellness website Favor. 

Even should you already produce loads of pure lubrication during times of arousal, it’s possible you’ll wish to hold some lube helpful anyway—you’d be shocked how way more pleasure it may add to intercourse.

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