Why You Must Always Hydrate After Dry Brushing, From A Derm

I will not go over the step-by-step order for dry brushing, however I’ll say the final overview of the way it suits into your routine is as follows: Use your brush on dry pores and skin, bathe as regular, hydrate on damp pores and skin. Post-wash of any variety, it is important to seal the dermis with a hydrator so as to entice in water. When water sits on the highest ranges of the pores and skin, it might probably typically evaporate into the air round you—a dehydrating course of referred to as transepidermal water loss. This is exacerbated on freshly exfoliated pores and skin, as the surplus useless pores and skin cells current on the stratum corneum have been eliminated. 

There’s a constructive spin to this, too: All these hydrating substances and antioxidants in your lotion of alternative can penetrate the pores and skin a bit deeper. We suggest searching for a lotion with a number of forms of moisturizing substances, so it might probably handle pores and skin hydration from a number of angles. For instance, you may need to search for humectants (like aloe vera and glycerin) to draw and bind water molecules—in addition to extra emollient and occlusive substances (like shea butter, squalane, and botanicals oils) to create that conditioning and comforting layer of the pores and skin. 

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