What Happens If You Take Too Much?

Since almost half of U.S. adults fail to devour minimal necessities of vitamin C every day, it’s unlikely that the common particular person will overdo it on vitamin C.  

So what are these minimal every day necessities? Per the National Academies, the beneficial every day consumption of vitamin C is 75 milligrams for girls (85 and 120 milligrams if pregnant or lactating, respectively) and 90 milligrams for males, or about 1.5 oranges.

However, these baseline beginning ranges are debated. Michels says a every day minimal of no less than 200 milligrams is definitely wanted to maximise blood concentrations of vitamin C. He recommends 400 milligrams every day, although proof means that even increased doses may help bolster vitamin C standing and promote optimum cardiovascular advantages.*

When it involves security, these taking increased efficiency vitamin C dietary supplements shouldn’t fear—as much as 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C every day is taken into account secure. Beyond that, the uncomfortable side effects listed above might start to happen, however are usually delicate and quick lived, Michels says. 

That’s as a result of vitamin C is water soluble, which means it’s transported via the bloodstream and doesn’t want one other mechanism to maneuver round, like a fat-soluble vitamin does. Thanks to vitamin C’s water solubility, “the body can easily remove any excess through the kidneys,” Michels explains. 

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