The Ninth House In Astrology: What It Is + Meaning In Your Chart

Throughout the course of your life, you will expertise planetary actions that “transit,” or transfer by, the homes of your chart. These transits affect the best way the planets, indicators, and homes all work together inside your charts.

The quicker-moving, internal planets, just like the solar, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, will transit your ninth home many instances all through your life, regularly mentioning ninth home themes like perception, philosophy, faith, greater studying, and journey.

You might discover you are feeling extra inclined to journey to faraway locations or make an enormous change when Mars is transiting your ninth home, for instance. Or when Mercury transits your ninth home, you might need to decide up a brand new course of research, Pennington notes.

With the slower transferring, outer planets, like Saturn or Pluto, the transits happen much less steadily, however can nonetheless usher in main momentum and alter.

At any given level, you possibly can cross-check the present sky’s chart and your personal start chart, as a way to determine which planets and indicators are in your ninth home, and additional, easy methods to layer or compile the themes of the ninth home with the planet or signal residing in it as a way to maximize the transit.

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