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Blood glucose, or just glucose, is the primary sugar that our bloodstream carries to all of the cells within the physique to provide them with power. They certainly are the first sources of power in our physique. One should preserve blood glucose ranges at an optimum stage to scale back well being dangers and keep away from any crucial medical situations. Each meals merchandise that we eat can contribute to the glucose ranges in our physique. Also some can improve the glucose ranges means above the advisable stage, which is unhealthy. 

The human physique regulates blood glucose ranges and tries to preserve them at a average stage by supplying simply sufficient to gasoline the cells and keep away from the overload of the bloodstream. As a outcome, blood glucose ranges are at their lowest level earlier than the primary meal of the day. Furthermore, it may change all through the day relying on what you eat.

Blood Glucose Monitoring units can be found available on the market now, just like the Continuous Glucose Monitor by HealthifyPro, which might alert us if our glucose stage rises above the advisable stage. 

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The U.S. National Institutes of Health analysis verify that the advisable fasting blood sugar stage is under 99 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). However, these ranges differ for many who have already got diabetes.

In addition, the American Diabetes Association has confirmed that the advisable glucose ranges for sufferers with diabetes are between 80 to 130 mg/dl earlier than consuming. And after two hours of consuming, glucose ranges should keep lower than 180 mg/dl for diabetes sufferers and under 140 mg/dl for others. 

One wants to verify their Glucose ranges as a screening check to diagnose diabetes. Even once we don’t have diabetes, we will even verify our glucose ranges utilizing Blood Glucose Monitors.

The Continuous Glucose Monitor by India’s main digital well being platform, HealthifyMe, is a superb innovation. With the assistance of this expertise, we will monitor our glucose ranges and get alerts if the degrees go greater than the advisable stage. It additionally helps us align with the well being coaches who frequently monitor our glucose ranges recorded by the monitor, which helps preserve them at wholesome ranges.

What is High Blood Glucose Level, and What are its Effects?

High blood sugar ranges are a medical situation that’s famously referred to as hyperglycemia. The situation is extra generally confronted by sufferers with diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, and so on., or those that take steroids frequently. 

Studies have confirmed that hyperglycemia happens when our glucose ranges go above the advisable stage. Thus, ensuing from low insulin ranges within the physique or a decreased sensitivity of cells to insulin. Without insulin, glucose gained’t give you the chance to enter cells and can find yourself build up within the bloodstream. 

It just isn’t good to have sustained hyperglycemia. If this situation persists for a very long time, it may lead to insulin resistance in our physique as our cells might change into much less delicate to it, which can lead to the quantity of glucose absorbed being much less. It is a major motive that leads to Type 2 diabetes. And when diabetes extends for a long run with out sufficient medical consideration, it may have an effect on the blood vessels that provide totally different organs. This consists of kidneys, nerves, retina and another organs. 

The severe points that one can get from sustained hyperglycemia are

  • Poor wound therapeutic
  • Foot ulcers
  • Increased dangers of coronary heart assaults or stroke,
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vision loss
  • Nerve harm
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Vision loss
  • Kidney ailments which might lead to kidney failure

Studies have additionally confirmed that prime or low glucose ranges within the blood also can trigger cognitive decline. Common signs that point out hyperglycemia can embody a dry mouth, elevated thirst and frequent urination. Other much less frequent signs embody fatigue, nausea, blurred imaginative and prescient, lightheadedness and headache. 

What is Low Blood Glucose Level, and What are its Effects?

The situation that ends in the low glucose stage in our blood is named hypoglycemia. Of course, this situation may be as extreme as hyperglycemia. Unfortunately, folks with diabetes are susceptible to these medical conditions, and hypoglycemia in these sufferers may be particularly deadly. 

Some of the consequences that severely low blood sugar ranges within the physique could cause embody problem concentrating, aggressive or paranoid mentality and confusion or disorientation. Specific much less frequent results additionally embody seizures and shedding consciousness. Some of the frequent indicators and signs of the identical embody nervousness, pale face, tingling lips, dizziness and so on. 

How to Manage an Optimal Blood Glucose Level?

It is essential for not simply diabetes sufferers however everybody to preserve their blood glucose stage on the optimum stage. New strategies can be found to assist us preserve our blood glucose ranges. 

Blood Glucose Monitoring

The finest and essentially the most handy of all strategies to monitor our glucose ranges within the blood is a steady blood glucose monitor. Such units are even advisable particularly to diabetes sufferers by medical practitioners, as they successfully preserve the illness below management. In addition, you need to use these screens to plan out your diets and actions and usher in meals or medical interventions. 

People with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes could have to measure their glucose ranges at the very least as soon as a day or generally a number of occasions a day, primarily based on the severity of their situation. 

Continuous Glucose Monitors are fairly handy as it’s means simpler and offers an correct studying of the blood glucose stage within the physique. They also can file the readings digitally on their cellular units or can permit computerized storage of knowledge.

For instance, the CGM that comes with the HealthifyPro package deal of HealthifyMe syncs together with your cellphone. All the readings present and get recorded, making it simpler to measure your blood glucose ranges utilizing your fingertips. In addition, it constantly measures your blood glucose ranges. Finally, it alerts you if any meals merchandise has triggered glucose fluctuation in your blood, thus serving to you’re taking quick measures to convey it again to regular. 

Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) will assist folks select meals objects that won’t disrupt their blood sugar ranges. The index exhibits us the values that point out the spike a meals merchandise could cause within the physique’s blood sugar ranges. Examples of meals objects with a excessive glycemic index are candies, candy desserts, white bread, white rice, tender drinks, potatoes, and so on. 

The objects with a excessive glycemic index are those that may trigger a rise in blood glucose ranges, whereas those with a low glycemic index are those that may trigger minimal fluctuations via a gradual launch of power. Foods with low GI embody entire grains, lean proteins, fruits and non-starchy greens. Pure glucose, the usual that different meals objects get measured towards, has 100 within the glycemic index. Any meals under 55 is taken into account low-GI meals. Anything between 56 -69 is medium GI, and above 70 or extra is excessive GI meals. 

What Are Some Tips To Manage An Optimal Blood Glucose Level?

An individual can take a number of steps to handle optimum blood glucose ranges and keep away from situations like hyperglycemia. Some suggestions that you could comply with to guarantee a managed blood sugar are:

  • You can comply with a balanced weight-reduction plan wealthy in fruits and greens. 
  • You should eat at common intervals and keep away from skipping meals.
  • Use a Continuous Glucose Monitor to preserve common observe of your glucose ranges and work on bringing your glucose ranges again to regular if it rises above the optimum stage.
  • You should drink water usually at common intervals.
  • Exercise frequently with at the very least 150 minutes of average to intense exercises or actions every week.

Balancing parts at meals, just remember to have a meal that has a wholesome amount of proteins, advanced carbs, fibre and wholesome fat.


Our physique will need to have optimum blood sugar ranges to preserve it match and wholesome. On the opposite hand, a sustained case of irregular or excessive blood sugar ranges could cause a number of medical problems to our physique, crucial of them being diabetes. Apart from this, most frequently, weight problems is a pure fallout.

Therefore you could watch your blood sugar ranges and take a look at wholesome methods of managing your weight. So, folks ought to preserve their blood glucose ranges under 99 mg/dl. 

The finest means to ensure that our physique has a wholesome glucose stage is through the use of a monitoring system to verify the glucose ranges in your blood shortly. And the most secure possibility is to select and eat low-GI meals objects to preserve and stability blood glucose ranges.

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