How to Control PCOS – 7 Natural Ways for You to Try

As its identify suggests, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is characterised by the expansion of a number of small, fluid-crammed cysts contained in the ovaries. Although there isn’t a identified treatment for PCOS, one can successfully handle its signs by medicine and hormone remedy, supplemented with extra conventional, holistic treatments.

Some individuals decide for solely pure options, that are light, much less invasive, and concentrate on thoughts-physique stability and way of life. Simple modifications, together with ones that will seem trivial, can successfully management PCOS.

PCOS: An Overview

Although the exact reason for PCOS is unknown, because it manifests in a different way from one individual to the subsequent, medical doctors have labeled it as an endocrine-metabolic dysfunction ensuing from hormonal imbalance.

PCOS is most prevalent in ladies of childbearing age and is characterised by elevated ranges of male hormones and signs similar to zits, weight acquire, facial hair, and irregular intervals.

A PCOS analysis doesn’t imply you should have continual well being issues for your entire life. There are other ways to handle PCOS, with and with out medicine. And for ladies who’re fearful about fertility, weight-reduction plan and way of life modifications could make being pregnant a lot simpler and extra profitable. 

7 Ways to Control PCOS Naturally

Dietary Modifications

There is nobody-dimension-suits-all weight-reduction plan for ladies with PCOS, as every lady’s signs and well being wants are distinctive. However, making dietary modifications, similar to consuming extra entire meals and avoiding processed meals, can assist to handle signs and enhance general well being. Anyone with PCOS doesn’t essentially have to shift to a completely plant-based mostly or entire-meals weight-reduction plan. Instead, they need to keep away from any meals that worsens the signs.

An appropriate weight-reduction plan ought to include low-glycemic-index meals to stability the insulin resistance in PCOS. A examine confirmed {that a} average discount in dietary carbohydrates amongst PCOS ladies led to decreased insulin concentrations, which improved endocrine and fertility outcomes over time.

To management PCOS, it’s best to eat anti-inflammatory meals similar to tomatoes, leafy greens, almonds, berries, olive oil, and turmeric. Additionally, processed meals may cause weight acquire and enhance androgen manufacturing, which worsens signs.


Exercise has the twin advantages of lowering insulin ranges and sustaining weight. In addition, it’s wholesome for the guts, improves temper, and regulates sleep patterns.

Opt for a low-depth, extra calming, and stress-free exercise similar to yoga, swimming, and even simply going for common walks to maintain you energetic. It can even assist scale back stress ranges, which naturally helps management the signs of PCOS.

(*7*)Adequate Sleep

An excellent sleep cycle is essential because it helps regulate hormone ranges, which is critical for PCOS administration. 

Studies present that ladies with PCOS have sleep issues twice as typically. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your cortisol ranges may enhance. Doctors advise getting 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per evening to assist regulate hormonal fluctuations. Sleep additionally helps to reduce irritation, a typical hormone imbalance symptom.


Even although a nutritious diet is important, typically your physique wants somewhat extra assist to nourish your system from the within. PCOS sufferers sometimes take dietary dietary supplements to assist handle their signs, similar to fish oil or omega-3 dietary supplements to decrease androgen ranges, different suggested dietary supplements to regulate blood sugar ranges, and vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium dietary supplements.

Dietary dietary supplements will not be beneath the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration, which suggests they could intervene with drugs or create different well being points. So, discuss to a physician earlier than utilizing any dietary dietary supplements.


Probiotics could enhance signs associated to PCOS, similar to irritation and insulin resistance. They can assist to restore stability to the intestine ecosystem and repopulate wholesome micro organism.

Probiotics that include lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium strains can assist nutrient adsorption and reinforce the immune system. It might be notably helpful for PCOS ladies affected by different well being points. Adding some fermented meals to your weight-reduction plan could assist to alleviate your PCOS signs.

Weight Loss

It is important to maintain your weight in examine to handle your PCOS signs. A main symptom of PCOS is being obese, which will increase the prospect of growing diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different metabolic syndrome-associated situations.

Losing extra weight can considerably scale back PCOS signs in obese ladies and their general danger of lengthy-time period well being points. According to a examine, 5% of physique weight reduction could assist with PCOS signs.

By figuring out your physique mass index (BMI), it’s possible you’ll resolve whether or not or not you’re at a wholesome weight. In addition, common train and a wholesome, balanced weight-reduction plan can assist you shed additional kilos.

Seek Mental Health Care

PCOS doesn’t simply disrupt your physique bodily—it additionally takes a toll in your psychological well being. It might be useful to have somebody to discuss to about your experiences with PCOS, whether or not it’s the bodily modifications you’re going by or how the signs are affecting your self-esteem. PCOS can have an effect on any lady, no matter her color or ethnicity.

The HealthifyMe Note

The first step in controlling PCOS is normally way of life modifications, similar to a greater weight-reduction plan and pure treatments. While these treatments for PCOS is not going to make the situation disappear solely, they can assist with the signs when supplemented with drugs or therapies prescribed by the physician.


Several pure treatments for PCOS search to tackle hormonal imbalances by modifications in weight-reduction plan and train. One can complement them with extra therapies, however it’s vital to keep in mind that these can’t change a balanced weight-reduction plan.

Therefore, one ought to search the help of healthcare specialists and nutritionists earlier than implementing any proposed treatments to guarantee they’re proper for you.

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