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Women with PCOS typically have considerations about their fertility and reproductive well being, corresponding to whether or not they can change into pregnant in any respect. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a posh hormonal situation that impacts as much as one in 5 ladies of reproductive age.

Many (however not all) ladies with PCOS are vulnerable to anovulation and infertility, which is when the ovaries don’t all the time launch an egg in the course of the menstrual cycle.

As a end result, they might expertise extra problem conceiving than different ladies. Fertility therapy or a very long time to conceive could also be vital for most girls with PCOS, however receiving the appropriate recommendation and assist may also help enhance fertility and improve the possibilities of being pregnant.

Understanding PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, is when your physique suffers hormonal imbalance and metabolic points, resulting in a number of cysts on the ovaries.

The imbalance of reproductive hormones creates issues within the ovaries and causes irregular menstrual intervals, weight acquire, pimples, and facial hair.

PCOS can have an effect on ladies of all races and ethnicities. However, your PCOS threat will increase in case your mom, sister, or aunt has PCOS. PCOS can develop at any age after puberty, however most girls discover out they’ve the situation of their 20s and 30s or after they expertise issues getting pregnant.

Some PCOS signs, corresponding to pimples, extra physique and facial hair, and hair loss, are because of elevated androgen ranges. Androgens are current in all females, however these with PCOS have barely greater quantities.

Recently, research have discovered that PCOS typically causes poor glucose tolerance, prediabetes, and sort 2 diabetes. In such a state of affairs, obtain HealthifyMe, which helps you perceive your physique’s glucose patterns with Continuous Glucose Monitoring. 

CGM presents real-time and personalised suggestions on whether or not your dietary and way of life decisions positively or negatively have an effect on processes that drive PCOS signs. It works via a tiny sensor inserted below your pores and skin. The CGM wirelessly sends the knowledge to the app in your cellphone or laptop computer so you may monitor your blood sugar all through the day. 

PCOS is difficult sufficient as it’s, so caring on your physique to stop or handle additional well being points like diabetes is important. However, even in case you would not have prediabetes or diabetes, committing to HealthifyPro plans is usually a highly effective solution to uncover what meals and workout routines cut back your possibilities of creating a extra extreme well being situation.

The immediate and personalised steering from a practical nutritionist or well being coach helps you perceive what particularly works on your physique to optimise your hormone steadiness, weight, fertility, and total well being.

For instance, inexperienced tea is sweet for PCOS, however maybe your physique might not present any beneficial response to it. Or it’s a matter of whether or not you’re ingesting inexperienced tea within the flawed means and on the flawed time.

Here, HealthifyMe may also help you perceive if ingesting inexperienced tea earlier than or after a exercise makes your physique tolerate it higher. After all, the physique’s response to meals is very particular person. 

Will PCOS Affect Fertility?

Suppose you haven’t conceived after 6-12 months of attempting (6 months in case you’re over 35) and expertise irregular and unpredictable intervals. It signifies that PCOS is affecting your fertility.  

Here is how PCOS and its issues have an effect on your fertility:

Hormonal Imbalance 

Women with PCOS typically expertise an imbalance of their essential fertility hormones, corresponding to LH (luteinising hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone).

For instance, an underproduction of FSH can result in irregular menstrual cycles and problem conceiving because of rare or absent ovulation. That is as a result of FSH is liable for sustaining menstrual cycle regularity and producing wholesome eggs, whereas it might additionally cut back oestrogen ranges. All of those hormonal imbalances could cause poor fertility.

PCOS is among the greatest causes of hormone imbalance in ladies. It causes an imbalance in the important thing fertility hormones, corresponding to LH or luteinising hormone, FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone, and oestrogen. 

FSH is liable for sustaining menstrual cycle regularity and producing wholesome eggs. However, PCOS ends in lowered ranges of FSH. At the identical time, chances are you’ll expertise an underproduction of oestrogen. These hormonal imbalances trigger irregular menstrual cycles, and also you don’t ovulate or ovulate solely often. As a end result, it causes hassle conceiving and poor fertility. 

Anti-Müllerian hormone helps the early phases of follicle growth, which is the reservoir of eggs earlier than fertilisation. So, a steadiness of AMH is critical to take care of your ovarian reserve. Unfortunately, a research exhibits that girls with PCOS have greater Anti-Müllerian hormone ranges, making conception troublesome until handled. 

Anovulatory Infertility

Anovulatory infertility in PCOS is when the entire strategy of follicle growth is irregular. It causes an absence of standard menstruation.

There could also be some bleeding with anovulatory cycles, which you’ll mistake for normal menses. Depending on the severity, anovulation can progress into infertility. A research exhibits that being chubby and having PCOS will increase the chance of anovulatory infertility. 

Many ladies don’t discover out they’ve anovulatory infertility in the event that they use hormonal contraception as a result of it permits for a month-to-month bleed and masks irregular or no intervals. 

Insulin Resistance

A research exhibits that PCOS locations ladies at excessive threat for insulin resistance and defects in insulin secretion. It happens in 70-95% of overweight ladies with PCOS and might impair or inhibit ovulation.

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It can lead to infertility in case you ovulate irregularly or don’t ovulate in any respect. Insulin resistance because of PCOS may trigger secondary infertility. It is when you could have gotten pregnant at the least as soon as earlier than however at the moment are unable to conceive.

Weight Gain

Weight acquire, a standard aspect impact of PCOS, is likely to be the most important downside behind infertility. It can also be more durable to drop some pounds in comparison with ladies that would not have PCOS.

Research reveals that being chubby and overweight has a detrimental impact on reproductive well being, resulting in infertility. Besides the subfertility frequent in PCOS, overweight ladies bear perturbations within the system controlling feminine replica. This dysfunction makes overweight PCOS ladies steadily endure from menstrual irregularities. 

The HealthifyMe Note

PCOS causes oligo- or anovulation, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries alongside weight problems and insulin resistance. These endocrinal ailments are the identified threat elements to induce infertility, being pregnant loss and late being pregnant issues, which signifies that PCOS negatively impacts fertility. However, a lady with PCOS can get pregnant with fertility therapy and way of life modification, together with a nutritious diet and train. 

Boost Fertility With PCOS: Just Like a Pro

Most ladies with PCOS will have the ability to conceive with fertility therapy, however circumstances differ a lot, and completely different therapies present completely different success charges. Working via PCOS is usually a lengthy, difficult and anxious course of. And HealthifyMe would make investments time into getting your food regimen proper, create a PCOS-specific health program, and de-stress your life.

Have you had hassle conceiving because of weight? Or are you needing to drop some pounds with PCOS? The customised weight reduction plans from HealthifyMe may very well be best for you. 

Although having PCOS makes conception more difficult, there are methods you may increase fertility.


Many ladies with PCOS can enhance their fertile window with the assistance of ovulation drugs. These drugs can promote wholesome ovulation. First, nevertheless, discuss to a physician or fertility specialist to seek out the most effective sort and proper dose of drugs.

Reduce Stress

When coping with infertility, reducing your stress exhibits a substantial distinction. You can profit from remedy, yoga, meditation, exercising, or connecting with family members. However, long-term stress with PCOS can take a while to heal. 

Find Your Healthy Weight 

Losing about 10% of physique weight can enhance your hormonal steadiness and ovulation. In addition, sustaining a weight suitable together with your peak and age can enhance your menstrual cycle, cut back insulin resistance, and lift total fertility.

Moreover, ladies with PCOS who train often may have a 5% decrease threat of infertility than those that don’t. However, overexercising and fad diets to drop some pounds are unhealthy. Instead, intention for moderate-intensity train 3-5 days per week for the most effective and protected outcomes.

Balanced Diet

A well-balanced PCOS food regimen permits insulin to operate appropriately, lower androgen manufacturing, and increase fertility. Choose nutrient-rich meals excessive in nutritional vitamins and minerals to scale back the severity of PCOS signs.

High-quality, high-fibre carbohydrates assist in stabilising your blood sugar ranges, benefiting those that are insulin resistant. However, limiting or avoiding complete meals teams is not going to present long-term outcomes. Therefore, work with a nutritionist to find out a personalised PCOS food regimen to optimise your well being.

Surgical Options

If way of life modifications and drugs are unsuccessful, surgical procedures can be found for ladies with PCOS to spice up fertility. For instance, ovarian drilling is a surgical therapy to set off ovulation. Though ovarian drilling shouldn’t be all the time vital, over 50% of ladies can get pregnant throughout the first yr after the surgical procedure.


For ladies attempting to conceive, PCOS could make it troublesome because of hormonal imbalances and irregular intervals. However, it doesn’t imply you may’t get pregnant.

You can decrease fertility issues via a balanced food regimen, common bodily exercise, weight reduction, and medicines. Enhancing your fertility when affected by PCOS might take time, effort, and a recalibration of your way of life habits, however it may well occur. 

Since insulin resistance and excessive blood sugar are frequent with PCOS, switching to HealthifyPro is a straightforward solution to monitor your blood sugar patterns constantly.

It can also be vital to routinely take a look at your metabolic markers when you’ve got PCOS. A HealthifyPRO 2.0 subscription has a complete Metabolic Panel which screens 80+ key metabolic parameters. With only a single prick sampling, you may entry correct knowledge in your metabolic well being on the comfort of your own home. A metabolically wholesome individual is much less prone to expertise persistent ailments and different well being points, together with fertility issues.

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