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Many individuals who wish to begin taking hormonal contraception (contraceptive) medicines fear about gaining weight. However, the fact is that everybody’s expertise with contraception varies. Although research present that varied contraception strategies can result in a small quantity of weight achieve, not everybody experiences it the identical manner. Some declare that they gained just a few kilos after taking contraception medication. However, the first trigger is water retention, not precise weight achieve, which lasts solely a short while.

This article explains all the things about contraception and weight achieve.

Understanding Birth Control and Its Impact on Weight

Several contraception strategies, together with over-the-counter and prescription medicines, may help stop unintended being pregnant. People additionally use contraception to deal with menstrual cycle abnormalities, equivalent to zits, painful or heavy durations, irregular durations, anaemia, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

The most important concern for these on hormonal contraception is whether or not it can make them achieve weight. Some girls expertise a slight weight improve once they start utilizing contraception, which makes them cease utilizing contraception contraceptives. However, analysis signifies that utilizing contraception prescriptions doesn’t end in weight achieve, and most contraception strategies are weight impartial. Yet, some strategies might result in weight achieve in some people. For instance, some girls expertise weight achieve once they use contraception injections or contraception implants. However, it solely happens in just a few girls, and never everybody experiences the identical.

Birth Control and Weight Gain in Some Women: The Cause

For some individuals, utilizing contraception drugs can improve weight by a modest quantity. However, a research claims it is a facet impact of slight fluid retention, elevated physique fats, and elevated muscular tissue. Furthermore, some proof means that progesterone and oestrogen-containing contraceptives might improve urge for food and finally result in weight achieve. If an individual reviews gaining weight whereas utilizing hormonal contraception, they’re extra more likely to cease utilizing it.

What Does Medical Science Say?

Besides stopping unintended pregnancies, hormonal contraceptives might also assist stop zits, menstrual points, endometriosis, and PCOS. However, just a few contraceptive strategies can doubtless end in some weight achieve.

Contraceptive Injections

Healthcare consultants consider that some girls who use contraceptive injections achieve weight, primarily in the event that they use them for greater than two years.


It’s not clear if the contraception implant causes weight achieve. However, some individuals expertise weight achieve after it. But, these weight modifications fluctuate, and many individuals who use the implant both don’t achieve weight or shed some pounds.

Combined Hormonal Contraceptives

These contraceptive strategies, together with drugs, patches, rings and pictures, contain two hormones (oestrogen and progestin). Although there isn’t sufficient proof to counsel that mixed hormonal contraceptives impression weight, the burden shift will in all probability be minor in the event that they do.

Progestin Only Contraceptives

Progestin-only contraceptives are those who solely comprise the progestin hormone, such because the implant, the vast majority of intrauterine units (IUDs), a shot, and a few drugs. Most research don’t reveal a rise in weight or physique fats in girls utilizing progestin-only contraceptives, however some do.

The HealthifyMe Note

Birth management strategies have completely different results on people relying on their physiology. Therefore, not everybody will achieve weight utilizing the identical sort of contraception. However, some individuals do. Consult a health care provider should you endure from weight achieve whereas on contraception that bothers you or should you discover different unwanted side effects. Hence, many individuals experiment with a number of completely different contraception strategies earlier than selecting one which works finest for them.

Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight While utilizing Birth Control

Some girls might expertise weight achieve whereas utilizing contraception. However, it’s a short-term weight achieve and can reverse while you cease utilizing it. Sometimes the burden achieve can be as a consequence of water retention or enhanced urge for food. Hence, you may simply stop extra weight achieve by following easy methods.

  • Follow a balanced weight loss plan stuffed with nutrient-dense meals, together with fruits, greens, wholesome vegetable oils, seafood, and entire grains. You should additionally keep away from meals with additional sugar, salt, or saturated fat.
  • If you begin experiencing weight achieve, attempt to lower your calorie consumption. However, it’s higher to seek the advice of an professional nutritionist earlier than you begin modifying your weight loss plan.
  • Regular train is likely one of the finest methods to forestall weight achieve. It will enable you burn energy, shed some pounds and preserve general well being and vitality.
  • Insufficient sleep could cause hormonal imbalances, which could impression your weight. Ensure you get sufficient sleep. The common grownup wants 7-9 hours of sleep per night time.


Most analysis research on contraception strategies and weight achieve present that contraception strategies often don’t trigger weight achieve in girls. However, some girls who achieve weight would possibly expertise it as a consequence of minor unwanted side effects, water retention or enhanced urge for food. However, a secure method is to seek the advice of your physician or a healthcare professional. They can information you in taking the fitting route. 

Remember that you could be naturally achieve some weight as you age, and it’s additionally attainable to realize weight as a consequence of an unhealthy way of life or imbalanced weight loss plan. In many conditions, contraception will not be the precise trigger. Hence, to keep away from confusion, Healthify yourselves with professional steering.

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