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Yogaburn’s mode of operation

Dynamic sequencing is the key to the success of the Yoga Burn Program. The Yoga Burn program employs Dynamic Sequencing, which teaches you the correct method to execute each exercise and then gradually increases the level of difficulty at the exact time your body becomes used to the practice. This shifts your body and pushes it to adjust, creating a more shapely, feminine figure that is better in both appearance and sensation!

The 3-phase program, with its varied selection of films, keeps your body and mind guessing, so you won’t get bored or reach a plateau. No matter when or where you are, you can make a film that is at least 45 minutes long. The opportunity to complete a supplementary video lesson is given. A bonus video is a good idea if you have the time since it focuses on improving your self-confidence, happiness, and general well-being. You will probably agree that her confidence and contentment enhance a woman’s attractiveness. Read more about the three-stage Yoga Burn program in the following text.

The first phase


Basic flow


We will be constructing the fundamentals of Yoga throughout this phase, which is termed the foundational flow since that is precisely what we are doing. In the first four weeks, we’ll learn the basics of a solid yoga practice, while also developing lean muscles in a fun atmosphere! This collection of sequences is a must-have for both beginning and experienced yoga practitioners. To do the exercises correctly and establish a strong “mind-body” connection, you’ll learn how to use the muscles you need in the more challenging videos. The foundation created in this first stage is critical to moving through the following two phases safely and efficiently.



Workout with Becca and the burn of Yoga: Total Body 20-Minute Home Fitness, Beginners, Weight Loss


Second stage




In the second phase, we’ll go through the techniques of putting together all the movements we’ve covered in phase 1, so you can create a seamless, more complex workout and get your heart rate pumping! Now that you’re used to our fundamental techniques, let’s vary things up and make your body guess by changing it to make it better! In this phase, all the videos concentrate on big muscular groups. The three exercise videos include upper body, lower body, and core workouts. We will focus on our movement between poses. Mastering the art of tying postures together is both enjoyable and helps you concentrate on the present instead of letting your thoughts wander… It’s like meditating on the go!

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The next phase


Mastery Flow proficiency


Ladies, it’s time to step it up a little! We’ve now finished our two phases of learning, and now it’s time to use everything that we’ve learned to create a dazzling sequence that will totally change your body by firing up your metabolism!


Each video has a somewhat different arrangement than the others. A second pass is used to help the muscles targeted by the posture become fatigued. What will also show you complex exercises for the upper and lower body? These exercises are specially intended to complete in the quickest time possible while targeting the muscles that assist develop the beautiful hourglass figure you are aiming for.


Phase 3 is intended to do all of the above, which will ultimately help you maximize your weight reduction outcomes

Yoga Burn
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