Why Spiritual Awakenings Can End Up Costing You Your Friendships

A non secular awakening, put merely, may be considered the preliminary second, or “awakening,” that units you on a non secular path. As non secular creator Shannon Kaiser tells mbg, it is an inner shift in power and consciousness that goes on to influence our exterior lives, too (i.e. friendships).

“When we go through a spiritual awakening, we grow into new beliefs and perceptions. This means we advance our energy field and mind as well as our heart,” Kaiser explains, including, “In this expansion, we often will rise up into a higher frequency.”

And in the case of relationships which can be not aligned with the “frequency” we’re on, generally the distinction may be “so polarizing that we drift apart, or the relationship changes to the point where it’s unrecognizable,” she notes.

If this sounds all too acquainted, this is what to learn about deal with this stage of a non secular awakening.

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