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To be extra particular, sugar or glucose is an integral part of all of the content material that flows by means of your bloodstream. These glucose molecules gas your physique and generate power as and when wanted. Keeping a test on the blood sugar ranges helps you realize extra about your physique’s inner well being. But, it additionally guides you towards choosing wholesome life selections. For instance, in case you are persistently conscious of your blood glucose ranges, you realize which issues you need to be avoiding. 

This easy but efficient concept to watch your glucose ranges at frequent durations helps you channel your power and thoughts towards a greater life-style. So, how do you retain a observe report of your blood glucose ranges? The only method can be to get a steady glucose monitor. 

This system permits you to concurrently test your sugar ranges if you are consuming or exercising. The cumbersome job of measuring your sugar ranges will get performed rapidly problem free. Taking a step ahead, you have to know the totally different occasions when you need to be checking your glucose ranges. 

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a diabetic affected person or not. However, you have to know the right time to measure the glucose in your bloodstream. These occasions embody fasting sugar (on an empty abdomen) and post-prandial sugar (post-meal). Here’s a fast overview of what post-prandial sugar means: 

What is Post-Prandial Blood Sugar?

In medical terminology, post-prandial means after consuming a meal. Therefore, post-prandial blood sugar refers back to the blood glucose ranges after consuming a meal. You may be questioning why is it necessary to measure your post-prandial blood sugar ranges? 

The reply is that the post-prandial blood sugar ranges will let you study the insulin exercise in your physique. Your blood sugar ranges surge excessive each time you eat your meals. However, this occurs as a result of the glucose from the meals particles will get quickly absorbed into the blood circulation. 

The improve on this blood glucose stage triggers insulin hormone to point out up. Insulin then begins metabolising glucose molecules into power molecules. Therefore, this is the explanation why you need to be concerned with your post-prandial blood glucose ranges. However, this fundamental mechanism will get altered in individuals with sort 1 or sort 2 diabetes. For instance, suppose you might be hypoglycemic (sort 1 diabetic). In that case, your physique is producing insulin in inadequate quantities, which results in an upsurge within the blood glucose ranges as counter hormone insulin is absent. 

Similarly, in case you are hyperglycemic (sort 2 diabetic), your physique has an inherent resistance towards insulin, making the glucose metabolism course of slower. Again, this leads to spiked blood sugar ranges, which can be a reason behind concern.

Factors Affecting Post-Prandial Blood Sugar

Several components have an effect on post-prandial blood sugar ranges. These components embody:

Increased Carbohydrate Intake

Bad consuming selections are a number one reason behind excessive post-prandial blood sugar ranges. When you eat junk meals or meals wealthy in energy and carbohydrates, you invite an additional quantity of glucose molecules into your system. In addition, consuming such meals all through the day makes the blood glucose ranges in your physique stand up. 

Lack of Sleep

Insomnia or lack of sleep results in elevated possibilities of hypertension, anxiousness, melancholy, and weight problems. These problems collectively result in situations of hyperglycemia and, thus, a rise in blood sugar ranges submit having a meal.

Lack of Exercise

You know that your physique wants fixed motion all through the day to really feel exuberant and wholesome. If you may’t work out each day, you must at the very least work out for 3 to 4 days each week. This fixed motion of the physique requires power and thus, utilises the surplus glucose in your physique. Therefore, to keep away from situations like weight problems and diabetes, you have to all the time incorporate some motion day by day. 

Mental Health

A depressed or anxious particular person unknowingly eats kind of than a median particular person. This depressed psychological state results in weight problems situations which makes your physique insulin-resistant. Once you develop resistance towards insulin, you might be extra inclined towards increased post-prandial blood glucose ranges. 

Measuring Post-Prandial Blood Sugar

There are two methods to calculate your post-prandial blood sugar. One is a conventional testing technique, and the second possibility is a complicated and efficacious technique. Let’s check out every of them. 

The conventional technique of testing post-prandial blood sugar 

In this technique, you’ll eat your meal and then go to your nearest pathology lab after 2 hours of consuming. They will draw your blood pattern and work on it to find out your blood sugar ranges. Another method consists of consuming a particularly candy potion of 75 ml given by the physician. Again you’ll have to wait for two hours on your blood pattern testing. After the blood pattern assortment,  your pattern is analysed, and your studies are generated. 

Do you suppose the method is too lengthy? Here’s a faster, safer, and extra handy technique of testing your blood glucose stage customised only for you. 

Estimating your PPBG ranges by a steady blood glucose monitor

There’s a lot {that a} steady glucose monitor does for you! Most importantly, you don’t have to be pricked by needles! 

Fix your HealthifyPro CGM round your arm, join together with your system, and you might be all set! This steady glucose monitor from Pro tracks your blood glucose ranges all through the day. You don’t want to attend for hours to get your studies. You get them immediately in your system with a dynamic metabolic panel that guides you thru. 

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With a CGM, you may simply measure your blood sugar ranges and discover the change in your sugar ranges throughout the day. Plus, no mess of blood pricking needles or different stuff. Instead, repair your CGM to your arm and sit again and observe. Also, the superb half is you do not want to put on it repeatedly. Even periodic put on permits the PRO know-how to determine your meals consumption, exercise ranges, metabolic well being and blood sugar ranges.  

Normal Post-Prandial Blood Sugar

Post-prandial blood sugar or post-meal blood sugar is the sugar stage after a meal. There’s a variety wherein your post-prandial sugar should keep. Below are totally different ranges of post-prandial blood sugar. 

  • Normal post-prandial blood sugar stage (for diabetic sufferers): <180 mg/dL
  • Normal post-prandial blood sugar stage (for non-diabetics): <140 mg/dL
  • Elevated post-prandial blood sugar stage: >200 mg/dL

The above numbers are the vary of sugar ranges that happen in your physique below totally different situations. For instance, when you’ve got post-prandial blood sugar above 200 mg/dL, you might be at critical danger of hyperglycemia. However, a PPBG worth of lower than 55 mg/dL signifies an alarming hypoglycemic state of affairs. Both instances are unhealthy on your general well being. Therefore, one should all the time goal to attain post-prandial blood sugar ranges inside 140 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL. 

How Can CGM Help Understand Your Post-Prandial Blood Sugar?

Getting your self a HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor can drastically change your diabetes and weight reduction journey. Putting it instantly, the HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor is a revolution on the planet of well being, weight problems and glucose monitoring. 

This steady glucose monitor gives you with the flexibleness and potential to change, change, and take motion towards your dysfunction. Also, the HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor gives you with the most effective outcomes with minimal errors by way of accuracy. You get an AI-driven system as your backup or assist pillar for outcomes monitoring. It gives cool graphs and dynamic visuals that make understanding your glucose ranges extra enjoyable than tedious. 

The HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor can observe the variety of energy or carbs you achieve from each meals you eat or want to eat. This method, you may select to alter and evolve your consuming habits. 

Optimise Post-Prandial Blood Sugar with Insights from CGM

Once you management the whole lot you might be consuming, you might be at the most effective place to handle your glucose ranges. The HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor permits you to change your food plan plans and different methods as per your objectives.

A instrument with such astonishing options is a game-changer in your journey to deal with diabetes and handle your weight. Therefore, getting a HealthifyPro steady glucose monitor is the most effective choice you may make towards a wholesome life-style. In addition, you may simply preserve your PPBG ranges below management together with your CGM buddy. 

Health Benefits of Maintaining Optimal Post-Prandial Blood Sugar

Maintaining optimum PPBG ranges is the most effective reward you can provide your self. Once you grasp the methods to take care of optimum ranges of PPBG, you will get the next advantages:

  • No danger of coronary heart or different cardiovascular illnesses. 
  • Kidneys operate extra successfully.
  • Reduced danger of renal failures. 
  • Reduced possibilities of weight problems. 
  • Healthy psychological situations.
  • No danger of mind problems arising from excessive blood sugar ranges. 
  • Improved eyesight. 
  • Lesser danger of contracting problems like cataracts


If you’re feeling sleepy after a meal or placed on weight or really feel sluggish all through the day, you might be doing one thing fallacious together with your food plan and life-style. Therefore, we urge you to speak to a well being specialist and get your glucose ranges checked. However, please don’t look forward to it to snowball right into a extreme situation.

Technology, data-driven AI and interactivity with well being coaches make it comparatively straightforward so that you can monitor your glucose ranges within the consolation of your house. Looking at generic nutritious diet plans and commonplace interventions like restrictive diets are passe. With glucose monitoring on the centre of an intervention, you don’t compromise on meals. What you be taught is a brand new and wholesome option to eat.

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