What Causes Thin Skin + How Retinol Works, From Experts

So, in case you’re seeking to assist collagen manufacturing as you age, then you definately’ll want to focus on that mechanism on the supply—basically, balancing what’s misplaced by stimulating new collagen to assist fuller, tighter pores and skin.

One means of doing so is definitely by utilizing retinol, opposite to the favored false impression that retinol thins your pores and skin. Here’s why it really works: “Retinol binds to retinoid receptors within skin cells,” board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., beforehand explains to mbg. This “activates genes that upregulate collagen production.”

This impact has been noticed in scientific research, too, the place retinol therapy stimulated collagen production2 in mature pores and skin, serving to lower the looks of wrinkling. So, alas, retinol doesn’t skinny the pores and skin; it really helps you preserve pores and skin density and elasticity.

Now, in case you’re involved about thinning pores and skin, retinol just isn’t the one technique to go about boosting your collagen manufacturing. You also can work from inside by ingesting hydrolyzed (sure, solely hydrolyzed) collagen peptides. If you are searching for a trusty collagen complement, this is an inventory of the 9 finest choices, every backed by a vitamin Ph.D.

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