What Causes Frizzy Hair? + Expert Styling Tips

If you check out a single strand of hair, it may not look frizzy in any respect. Yet with all your hair mixed, a straggly look could seem—why is that? Well, frizz does not essentially take over each single strand. “Frizzy hair is caused by the cuticle being flared,” stylist Amy Stollmeyer tells mbg. 

“Think of shingles on a roof, aligned and lying flat,” Stollmeyer says. When the numerous causes of frizzy hair happen (extra on that subsequent), they will all trigger the cuticle (AKA the shingles) to lift and flare out, she explains. 

“This creates a rougher and ‘frizzy’ surface texture as well as allows moisture to enter and swell the hair strands,” Stollmeyer notes. But what does this truly seem like? Let’s be trustworthy—frizz is subjective. 

If you are inclined to have very slick, straight hair, then a slight frizz for you is perhaps the smoothest day of all for another person, and vice versa. We all know what frizz can seem like on our personal hair, and that’s what issues most when it comes to taming (or styling) your strands.

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