The Tower Tarot Card: What It Means For Life, Love & More

The tower card is the sixteenth card within the deck and seems after the satan card. Although this card has an ominous picture within the conventional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the tower would not all the time have a unfavourable which means. In a nutshell, it represents sudden modifications and endings.

“The image certainly doesn’t look good, with lightning striking the top of a building, fire coming from the windows, and people falling to the earth below in fear,” Mark Horn, tarot reader and creator of Tarot and the Gates of Light, says. But he explains that like each card, the which means of the tower might be optimistic or unfavourable relying on the query you requested your deck.

“The tower card symbolizes disruption, chaos, and the collapse of a faulty structure,” says Theresa Reed, tarot reader, podcast host, and creator of Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success With Astrology and Tarot. It means one thing is coming to a dramatic finish.”

Horn adds that “there’s a component of shock to the tower—it is a change you were not anticipating, often as a result of your thought about what’s going on is both a fantasy or you do not have all the data you want.” 

Oftentimes when the card appears, it may be difficult to accept that change is imminent, but it’s important to know it’s all part of the process.

“Keep in thoughts, this can be a crucial ending,” says Reed. She shares some questions to reflect on if the tower appears in a spread: “Have you remained in a scenario too lengthy? Are you holding on to one thing or somebody since you worry change?” Once you can honestly answer these questions, this card is telling you that enough is enough.

“It’s time to set your self free—and that requires full belief within the Universe, even when you can’t see a comfortable touchdown,” says Reed.

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