The Mystery of the Incarnation

In the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, retreatants think about the thriller of the Incarnation. They take time to image the Trinity wanting over the complete floor of the earth, watching folks making disastrous decisions, hurting each other, and making a common mess of issues. The Trinity begins nodding to at least one one other: It’s time. They fee a strong angel to go to Mary, to ask her permission for the second Person of the Trinity to turn into a human being. They request a easy girl to start the Savior of humanity, which is incapable of saving itself. God had this unimaginable plan all alongside. And it trusted a lady saying sure.

—Excerpted from 2022: A Book of Grace-Filled Days

Photo by Daniëlle Molenaar from Pexels.

Previous articleCarrying the Cancer Cross Loretta Pehanich is a Catholic freelance author and the writer of 2022: A Book of Grace-Filled Days, Women in Conversation: Stand Up!, and Fleeting Moments: Praying When You Are Too Busy. A religious director since 2012, Loretta is skilled in giving the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Her involvement in ministry and parish life consists of 20 years in small faith-sharing teams and Christian Life Community. Loretta provides retreats and displays on prayer and girls’s spirituality and is commissioned as a unprecedented minister of the Eucharist. She and her husband Steve have 4 youngsters and 10 grandchildren.

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