The Best Weighted Hula Hoops Of 2023 From A Certified Personal Trainer

Kiki McClellan, IFBB skilled athlete, coach, and NASM licensed private coach, says weighted hula hoops can present a couple of particular advantages to your well being and health. “Hula hooping, especially with a weighted hula hoop, can provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout. This can help to improve heart health, increase endurance, and burn calories,” she explains. 

According to McClellan, a weighted hula hoop additionally gives resistance, for a tougher train that may assist construct muscular endurance within the arms, shoulders, again, and core. 

“Hula hooping requires balance and coordination, and using a weighted hula hoop can help to improve these skills. Hula hooping can also be a fun and enjoyable form of exercise and provide a way to release stress and tension,” she provides.

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