Seeing Jesus and All Things in a New Light

After the Resurrection, the whole lot will need to have appeared new for Mary Magdalene, whose feast is July 22. Contemplate for a second Mary bringing the excellent news to these girls who supported Jesus’ public ministry. This story is impressed by John 20:1–2, 11–18 and the Ignatian Year theme, “To see all things new in Christ.”

“I have seen the Lord!” Mary Magdalene exclaimed, bursting into the room.

“What?” I replied, placing down my knife and setting apart the chopping board.

“Yes. It’s true. He is alive!” Mary stated breathlessly.

I felt goosebumps as Mary recounted her story. I knew that after the Crucifixion Mary remained alone on the grave together with her grief. She refused to rush off with us for the sabbath. When noisy guards accosted her, she lastly joined us in the ladies’s quarters. She stated the lump in her throat was as huge because the stone blocking the grave.

“Today I dressed at first light,” she stated in her greatest storytelling voice. “As I stumbled along the rocky path, a chill in the air, I inhaled the sweetness of wildflowers—like those I had strewn on his shroud. How could today feel fresh? My beloved, my best friend, was gone.” Mary shook her head.

“When I saw the stone rolled back, I wondered where the body was. I sobbed uncontrollably. And then,” she paused for impact, “I felt rather than heard someone approach, probably a gardener. But when he said, ‘Mary,’ my heart flipped from despair to elation to surprise to disbelief to confusion to ecstasy to overwhelmed and giddy delight. I wanted to hold him forever, to embrace his feet with my tears and never let him go. But he said not to hold onto him. And he said go to his brothers and tell them that he is alive.”

“Did you tell the Apostles?” I requested, about to fall off the stool as I leaned ahead precariously.

“I’ve just come from them, but they did not believe me.” Mary lastly sat, and she exhaled closely. She held her cheeks with each palms earlier than dropping her palms on her crisscrossed legs.

“What do we do next?” I requested with willpower. “If the brothers don’t believe you, what can we do?”

Mary contemplated. “Let’s pray the way Jesus taught us. Our Father, you who are in heaven…”

We bowed our heads and joined her.

“Peace be with you.”

We appeared up. There was Jesus, standing in our midst. Jesus! He was the identical and but totally different—scarred and bruised, however radiant too. We cried and ululated in pleasure. We rushed at him in a big hug. I might scent burial ointment. Jesus laughed. Jesus, proper right here!

“Dear friends,” he stated. “I love you. I will help you tell my stories and draw in new disciples. Do not be afraid! All authority in heaven and earth are mine. The Holy Spirit will be with you.”

We sliced bread and greens and ate collectively. Everything could be totally different now. We have been already receiving energy to see the whole lot in a new gentle.

“We need to go to the brothers,” I stated as Jesus vanished from sight. The others nodded. “We ought to get them moving on this mission. I know I feel challenged to do more than I’ve done. Everything will change. We will be Jesus for each other now. We must remember and repeat the meal we shared on the night before he died. Everyone, get moving! We all have work to do.”

Image: Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov. Public area through Wikimedia Commons.

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