Sagittarius Season Has Arrived: Here’s What To Know About It

This Sagittarius season begins November 22 and can final till December 21, when Capricorn season begins. As astrology professional Imani Quinn tells mbg, Sagittarius is a brilliant adventurous and rebellious signal dominated by Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and growth.

This is becoming power coming off a Scorpio season, which Quinn notes had many people going inward, and performing some inner excavation. “Sagittarius is going to now give us the space to go out and explore with this new identity, with whatever transformation we went through during Scorpio season,” she explains, including that Sag is sort of a aircraft ticket or open invitation.

She notes that this season provides us a chance to indicate up in a different way than we now have prior to now, whether or not in {our relationships}, inside our households (hey, vacation gatherings!), and even with ourselves. “And with Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, this is really about being able to put your desires into action,” Quinn provides.

In phrases of the dates to be careful for between now and Capricorn season, Quinn notes we’ll have a brand new moon on the twenty third, the day after Sag season begins, and a full moon in Gemini on December 7. The solar and Venus may even be conjunct in Sagittarius from the start of Sag season till December 9, spotlighting relationships in a contemporary and thrilling method.

Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, may even be ending its practically five-month-long retrograde interval on the twenty third, the identical day as the brand new moon. As such, Quinn says, “This is a great time to move your manifestations forward because luck is on your side.”

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