My Attitude About Time and Manna

Each day, God offers me sufficient time.

It positive doesn’t really feel prefer it.

Today I didn’t have time to play my guitar or piano or learn a novel, nor did I quilt, train, write an overdue thank-you observe, or nap. I actually want I had extra time.

And I bear in mind the Israelites wanting extra selection within the meals God offered within the desert. It, too, was not sufficient. They wished greater than manna daily for 40 years. They went to mattress complaining concerning the present of free, plentiful meals. (Numbers 11:4–6)

Each day, God rained bread from heaven so that folks may collect their day by day portion. And they grumbled. God hears my grumblings, too.

During a novena on the Ignatian Spirituality Center in Seattle, Seattle University’s Campus Ministry Director Tammy Liddell mentioned, “Jesus tells us to ask for THIS DAY’S bread—fresh and nourishing. It, like time, can’t be saved up for tomorrow; it must be eaten and digested today, in this moment. You can try to save it for tomorrow, but it won’t taste good. It’s OK to eat it; God has promised us bread tomorrow.”

We can’t save time for one more day both. As I age, time appears to go quicker. This day is treasured, and like sure meals, it has an expiration date. So I cram by multitasking. My mother used to say, “Loretta, you’re burning the candle at both ends and in the middle.”

When I’m goal-driven, I don’t savor moments. Yes, I’ve particular work to do, however perhaps I’m swallowing the moments with out chewing. I would like extra time!

Liddell mentioned, “Jesus wants us to ask God to give us TODAY’S bread so that we might eat our fill and not worry about tomorrow.” Bingo. She named it. I fear as an alternative of “enjoying the flavor and satiating my hunger.” I anticipate “tomorrow’s bread.”

The Israelites tried to save lots of their manna, however it turned wormy, and it stank. (Exodus 16:20) Once I attempted to save lots of time by speeding, and I fell, breaking my arm. That expertise was smelly.

The Israelites obtained precisely as a lot as they wanted. Psalm 23 underscores my time/manna concern: “The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” (NIV) I’ve sufficient time. I want an angle adjustment.

When battling time’s limitations, it’s useful to ponder some questions, praying a Particular Examen on attitudes about time.

  • Was I grateful for right this moment’s moments? Did I savor and actually style them?
  • What if this week is my final one on earth?
  • Do I’ve a disordered attachment to my to-do listing?
  • Whose voice is making me grasping for an eighth day this week?
  • Do I worth relaxation and leisure?
  • Is “good enough” ok?
  • Am I demanding an excessive amount of of myself or others?
  • Did I throw away treasured minutes as an alternative of asking myself, Do I actually need or have to spend time on that?
  • Did I fear about tomorrow’s “food”? Did I attempt to steal meals from tomorrow’s retailer by skipping correct relaxation or sleep?
  • How can I be extra content material with the time I’ve?

Close with a contemplation on these phrases from the Our Father: “Give us this day our daily bread.”

God, please assist me deliberately spend the time I’ve and the items of time I’ll obtain tomorrow. Because all is present. All of it.

Photo by reneereneee on Pexels.

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