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Watermelon is a hydrating fruit that is still integral to each family throughout the summer season. A chilled, juicy watermelon seems like a breath of recent cool air within the scorching summer season months. Everyone enjoys consuming watermelon, however the query of whether or not or not individuals with diabetes can eat this fruit will get raised steadily.

One of the most typical ideas about watermelon is that folks with diabetes should not eat it. However, opposite to the widespread assumption that it primarily incorporates water and sugar, watermelon is wealthy in vitamins. The advantageous bioactive parts of watermelon can deal with quite a lot of illnesses. Furthermore, it additionally considerably reduces the danger of sure diabetic-associated problems.

People with diabetes can get pleasure from this fruit by making strategic selections about how a lot to eat. Continue studying to study extra in regards to the affiliation between watermelon and blood sugar.

Watermelon and Diabetes

Elevated blood glucose ranges characterise a situation generally known as diabetes. One of the causes of diabetes is the hampered beta cells within the pancreas. These cells are answerable for secreting the hormone insulin, which helps regulate blood glucose ranges. Many extreme problems, equivalent to eye injury, cardiac points, neuropathy, and so on., can develop in the long term if you don’t handle your blood sugar ranges. 

Watermelons have a marvellous nutrient profile, containing excessive moisture content material and potent health-promoting chemical compounds. However, watermelon’s glycemic index (GI) is 80, making them one of many meals you could eat moderately when you have diabetes. The Glycemic Index of watermelon will depend on the portion and sort of watermelon you eat. Furthermore, watermelon also can improve blood sugar ranges as a result of it incorporates carbohydrates much like different fruits wealthy in excessive pure sugar, equivalent to berries, grapes, oranges, and so on. 

Carbohydrate transforms into blood glucose or blood sugar after being digested. Therefore, the quantity of carbohydrates you eat is proportional to the quantity of glucose you eat. However, watermelon’s excessive fibre and comparatively low carbohydrate content material don’t considerably elevate blood glucose ranges if consumed moderately.

Is Watermelon Good for Diabetics? 

There are usually not sufficient analysis findings centered on watermelon and diabetes. But, the few of them present that if consumed in applicable quantities, watermelon may reduce diabetes problems. Regulating the amount of consumption can stop watermelon from negatively affecting your blood sugar ranges. In distinction, overeating and frequent consumption of watermelon will result in blood glucose spikes and nullify its optimistic results. 

According to investigations, hyperglycemia sufferers usually tend to expertise cardiac issues. Elevated oxidative stress and LDL oxidation are the primary contributing elements to this situation. High glycemic meals considerably improve glucose, and their auto-oxidation produces free radicals and cell injury. However, lycopene, an antioxidant, happens naturally in watermelon and has hypoglycemic motion. 

Lycopene aids within the battle in opposition to free radicals and lowers the danger of diabetes, coronary heart illness, and different situations. It is related as a result of cardiovascular ailments account for 68% of deaths in adults with diabetes over the age of 65. Studies additionally present that lycopene extract vastly enhances lipid and glucose metabolism.

The HealthifyMe Note

When consumed moderately (i.e., 100-150 grams, 2-3 days per week) watermelon might be useful for individuals with diabetes. It will not be significantly dangerous, nevertheless it impacts everybody in a different way. Hence, it’s higher to seek the advice of an knowledgeable nutritionist to establish your portion measurement and the right methods of consumption. However, the overall technique is to trace your carbs, perceive a meals’s glycemic index, and monitor your blood sugar ranges.

A Nutritionist’s Tips on Eating Watermelon While Managing Diabetes

  • Health professionals and nutritionists advise diabetic individuals to restrict their day by day consumption of watermelon to 100 grams. In addition, you could eat them 2 to three days weekly relatively than day by day.
  • Every a part of a watermelon is edible. Moreover, the watermelon seeds are jam-packed with vitamins like omega-3, omega-6, zinc, proteins, potassium, and so on. Therefore, consuming it at beneficial ranges is useful.
  • Watermelons, owing to their excessive moisture content material, assist individuals management their cravings for candy meals and maintain their stomachs fuller for longer. You can have it as a snack by mixing half a cup of diced watermelon with a cup of Greek yoghurt or including it to a salad.
  • Since each particular person is totally different, one of the simplest ways to find out how watermelon impacts your blood sugar is to check 1-2 hours after consuming watermelon utilizing a CGM or glucometer. If your blood sugar is 50 factors greater than the traditional vary, you could reduce on the portion.


Eating moderately is the important thing to wholesome residing and managing power situations like diabetes. Fruits and greens are essential for these with diabetes, and the sweetness of watermelon shouldn’t discourage you from incorporating it into your food regimen. Consider the entire quantity of carbohydrates to maintain your blood glucose in vary. You can all the time converse to the well being consultants from the HealthifyMe group to know extra about watermelon and how one can embody it in your food regimen.

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