How Your Birth Chart Can Help You Unlock Your Creativity

The planets and indicators related to creativity are Neptune, Venus, and the solar, and Leo, Pisces, and Libra (and sometimes Taurus). The fifth (strongly), twelfth (reasonably) and seventh (typically) homes are also related to creativity.

The third home is related to writing and singing skills, particularly if planets are there. People who’re naturally artistic or artistically gifted normally have a strongly positioned Venus (subsequent to solar/moon/nodes, or on a chart angle) and planets or the north node within the fifth (and probably the seventh or twelfth) home(s). Multiple planets in Pisces, Leo, Libra, and sometimes Taurus may do it.

Neptune in a distinguished place could make somebody imaginative, although probably additionally dreamy and disorganized. A good (trine, sextile) connection from Neptune to Mars or Saturn leads to extra productive artistic output. If Saturn makes difficult connections (conjunction, opposition, sq.) to Venus or Neptune it impedes creativity (and manifesting, particularly if conjunct or sq. Jupiter).

All of those placements are in line with somebody’s future, nevertheless. If somebody’s Saturn appears to scale back their creativity (or manifesting), they’re a soul studying to take accountability, work in the direction of concrete objectives, and strategy issues rationally. 

As with manifesting, there are occasions and phases when all persons are extra creatively impressed, and these instances must do with transits involving Venus and Neptune.

I’ve lengthy liked the idea of muses—I name myself “The Astro Muse” in any case. Muses are, in essence, the legendary personification of inspirational vitality. For a few years, I believed a “muse appearance”, or inspirational second, was a semi-random prevalence that would probably be inspired by artistic workout routines, rituals, and openness. There might be some fact to that, however I blew my thoughts once I appeared again at my astrology chart during times of prolific creative creation and realized they correlated to notable fifth home transits, Venus transits, and Neptune transits.

The progressed moon making connections to start or transiting Neptune (or Venus) and Venus (or Neptune or progressed moon) transiting the fifth home create significantly muse-ful instances. The north node transiting the fifth home (and fewer so, the twelfth home) or making a conjunction with natal Venus are different indicators the muse is close to. 

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