How to Reduce Belly Fat – Exercises, Diet Plan, & Tips

Belly fats is the visceral fats surrounding the liver and different organs within the stomach, shut to the portal vein that carries blood to the liver.

This fats might be dangerous to the physique however correct measures might be taken to cut back stomach fats. That mentioned, spot discount will not be a observe that’s beneficial by HealthifyMe. However, we take a look at what one can do to cut back stomach fats.

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Causes of Belly Fat

Contrary to standard perception, folks with a traditional physique mass index(BMI), however having extra stomach fats, additionally face elevated danger of the above well being issues. Here are a couple of potential causes for the buildup of extreme stomach fats:

  • Sugary meals and drinks: Studies have proven a hyperlink between excessive sugar consumption and extra stomach fats. This is especially due to the additional refined sugar added throughout processing. While extra sugar in any type might be dangerous, sugar-sweetened drinks are particularly problematic.

  • Alcohol: Another doable trigger for sudden stomach fats acquire is alcohol. Studies have linked the extreme consumption of alcohol to a rise in stomach fats, with one examine discovering that males who consumed greater than 3 drinks a day have been 80% extra seemingly to have extra physique fats.
  • Sedentary way of life: One’s exercise ranges additionally play a serious function within the accumulation of stomach fats. A examine confirmed that individuals who carried out resistance coaching or cardio train for a 12 months after shedding pounds have been ready to stop stomach fats acquire, whereas those that didn’t train confronted a 25-38% improve in stomach fats.
  • Stress: Cortisol, generally referred to as the ‘stress hormone’, is produced by the adrenal glands in irritating conditions. While stress drives overeating, cortisol causes the surplus energy to be saved as fats within the stomach.
  • Genetics: Similar to genes enjoying a serious function in elevated weight problems danger, genetics could also be partly liable for the tendency of the physique to retailer fats within the stomach space.

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5 Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

In order to cut back stomach fats, one wants to comply with a effectively-deliberate routine. Here are a couple of ideas that may assist one cut back the buildup of fats within the stomach area:

1. Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep impacts numerous facets of 1’s well being, together with stomach fats accumulation. It’s a indisputable fact that individuals who don’t sleep sufficient have a tendency to acquire extra weight.

Sleep deprivation leads to the rise in ghrelin ranges and reducing of the leptin ranges within the physique, which is liable for making you hungry.

Lack of sleep is liable for metabolic and endocrine alterations, together with a discount in glucose tolerance. When you’re exhausted, your mind’s reward centres rev up, on the lookout for one thing to be ok with.

So when you are ready to hold a verify in your consolation meals craving when you find yourself effectively-rested, sleep deprivation could make you unable to resist temptations. This may cause a hormonal imbalance within the physique and lead to weight acquire.

A minimal of seven hours of high quality sleep each night time is a should to hold one’s fats acquire beneath management. The high quality of sleep is as important as the entire length of your bedtime. Read extra concerning the connection between improper sleep and weight acquire right here.

2. Drink Enough Water

There is a optimistic correlation between water consumption and weight reduction. Studies present that water helps the physique metabolize saved fats effectively. 

Drinking water all through the day provides you a sense of being full and helps hold your urge for food at bay. Sometimes, our physique errors thirst for starvation, so it’s at all times advisable to have some water earlier than grabbing a snack to verify on what your physique is definitely demanding.  

It goes with out saying that water is the most effective ‘beverage’ to quench your thirst. Any juice or carbonated drink accommodates sugar that will increase your calorie consumption so it’s greatest to select water over the rest. 

A glass or two of heat water within the morning might help you in shedding pounds and stomach fats and cleanse your system.

3. Workout Regularly

Exercising each day is confirmed to have helped with physique-weight administration. While that stands undisputed, there are numerous arguments with regard to the depth of each day train routine. 

However, your exercise plans ought to be immediately proportional to gender, age and BMI. 

It is right to seek the advice of a private health coach earlier than getting began on excessive-depth resistance coaching.

4. Track Your Calories

Extra energy in any type get saved within the physique as fats. It is right to hold observe of the variety of energy being consumed and burnt each day. This might help keep away from fats accumulation within the physique. 

Calorie Deficit is a good way to burn energy. A 500 cal deficit can lead to a weight lack of 0.4 kg or 1 lb in every week. You can use the calorie tracker accessible on the HealthifyMe app for a similar.

5. Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is hailed as a very powerful meal, because it offers the important vitality ranges to start your day. Skipping breakfast messes together with your metabolism, slowing down the fats-burning course of. 

Additionally, on days you skip breakfast, you’re extra seemingly to make poor meals selections all through the day. Eating a wholesome breakfast throughout the day helps cut back cravings and prevents extreme starvation all through the day. Remember to make your breakfast healthful and wholesome by together with pure meals similar to eggs, oats, fruits and nuts.

4 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Workout is a key a part of virtually each weight reduction journey. Exercises that particularly goal the stomach space would go a good distance in serving to cut back stomach fats. Here are 4 workouts that you are able to do to lose stomach fats:

#1 Vertical Leg Crunch

  1. Lie flat on the ground with legs prolonged upwards after which one knee that’s crossed over the opposite.
  2. Breathe in after which elevate the higher physique in direction of the pelvis. Breathe out slowly.
  3. Do 12-16 crunches in two or three units.

#2 Bicycle train

  1. Lie on the mat, or on the ground and hold your palms both behind your head or by your facet similar to you’d for crunches.
  2. Lift each your legs off the bottom and bend them on the knees.
  3. Bring the precise knee shut to the chest whereas protecting the left leg down.
  4. Take the precise leg down and produce the left leg in direction of the chest.
  5. Alternate bending the knees as if you’re utilizing a bicycle.

#3 Crunches

  1. Start by mendacity down flat together with your knees bent and your toes on the bottom.
  2. Lift your palms after which place them behind the top or hold them crossed on the chest. Inhale deeply.
  3. As you elevate the higher torso off the ground, it’s best to exhale. Again inhale if you get again down after which exhale as you come up.
  4. If you’re a newbie, begin by doing 10 crunches in each set. Each day, purpose to full two to three units of crunches.

#4 Bird canine

  • Put your weight in your palms and toes whereas bending your knees to take a tabletop place. Squeeze your core to hold your backbone straight.
  • Raise your left arm to attain straight ahead, whereas concurrently elevating your proper leg and stretching it out.
  • Hold for a rely, squeezing your core, earlier than returning to the unique place.
  • Repeat the motion together with your proper arm and left leg to full 1 rep.

Let HealthifyMe Sr. Fitness Coach, Ashutosh, exhibit how you are able to do a few of these workouts to enable you to lose stomach fats.

Belly Fat Loss Diet Plan

Eating the correct of meals is central to shedding stomach fats. It is right to comply with a effectively-thought-out eating regimen deliberate as per your wants and necessities.

We have put collectively a 1200 calorie eating regimen plan to enable you to perceive how one can go about planning your eating regimen. However, it should be famous {that a} 1500 calorie eating regimen plan is right for males, whereas a 1200 calorie eating regimen plan works higher for girls.

That mentioned, dietary necessities range from person-to-person. Understand what plan works greatest for you by consulting a nutritionist, and select your eating regimen accordingly.



7:00 AM

Lemon Cinnamon Water(1 glass)

8:00 AM

Vegetable Sandwich(1 sandwich) Skimmed Milk(1 glass)

11:00 AM

Watermelon(1 cup, diced) Almond(5 almonds)

1:00 PM

Masala Khichdi(2 katori) Sprouts Curd Salad(1 katori) Low Fat Curd Kadhi(1 katori)

3:30 PM

Buttermilk(1 glass)

4:00 PM

Green Tea(1 tea cup)

5:00 PM

Boiled Chana(0.5 katori)

8:30 PM

Chapati(2 piece) Palak Paneer(1 katori) Cucumber(0.5 cucumber (8-1/4″))

11:00 PM

Skimmed Milk(1 cup)

  • Start your day with a glass of lemon cinnamon water.
  • Have a vegetable sandwich for breakfast, accompanied by a glass of skim milk.
  • Follow that up by consuming fruits and almonds at 11:00 AM.
  • Have lunch at 1:00 PM. Eat two katoris of Masala Khichdi together with a katori every of Sprouts Curd salad and Low-Fat Curd Kadhi.
  • Let the meals digest with a glass of buttermilk at 3:30 PM.
  • Drink a cup of inexperienced tea at 4:00 PM.
  • Have half a katori of boiled chana an hour after that.
  • For dinner, eat two items of chapati together with a katori of palak paneer and half a cucumber.
  • End your day with a cup of skimmed milk.

Ensure that your eating regimen is balanced, and that you’re consuming as many vitamins as doable, whereas additionally guaranteeing you burn extra energy than your each day consumption. For a greater understanding of how to plan your eating regimen out for every week, check out a weekly plan right here.

Foods To Help Lose Belly Fat

1. Have A Protein-Rich Diet

Protein is arguably a very powerful macronutrient for weight reduction because it reduces urge for food, overeating and cravings. 

Protein-rich meals assist pace up your metabolism making weight reduction simpler.  Protein not solely helps constructing muscle mass however even prevents muscle loss in case you’re on a calorie-restricted eating regimen. 

Common protein-wealthy meals are black beans, lentils, yoghurt, cottage cheese and milk amongst others as eggs, lean meat, rooster and fish. 

2. Reduce Carbohydrate Consumption

When we eat excessive carbohydrate meals, our fats storage hormones kick into gear. 

Carbohydrate-rich meals similar to white bread, rice, muffins and biscuits and sugary meals similar to smooth drinks, packed juice, and sweets end in excessive quantities of glucose being launched into the bloodstream on consuming. In order to get this heavy load of glucose out of the bloodstream, insulin is secreted by the pancreas. 

High ranges of insulin over time end in fats storage, particularly across the stomach. So so as to management the quantity of insulin we’ve to handle our carb consumption. 

3. Avoid Trans-fat

When any kind of oil is uncovered to warmth (from a flame or an oven), its molecular components modifications, and the hydrogen atoms are dispersed within the warmth, inflicting doubling and tripling of bonds, leading to ‘transformed’ fats. This is named Trans Fat and is seen from the change in color of oil from yellow to black or darkish brown. 

Any meals merchandise cooked on this Transformed fats, is known as Trans-fat meals. Unregulated consumption of trans fats-will increase blood levels of cholesterol and the chance of coronary heart illnesses. It slows down the flexibility of muscle cells to use glucose as an vitality supply. When these muscle cells can’t use glucose, it stays within the bloodstream and making its ranges rise dramatically, leading to surges of insulin and elevated fats storage, centred across the stomach. 

4. Eat loads of soluble fibre

Soluble fibre types a gel with water that slows down meals because it passes via your digestive system. This kind of fibre promotes weight reduction because it helps you’re feeling fuller for  longer thereby stopping pointless meals consumption. 

If you’re planning to change to a excessive fibre eating regimen, keep in mind to do it progressively to give your physique time to modify. Abdominal discomfort, cramps, and even diarrhoea are frequent unintended effects when you ramp up your fibre consumption too shortly.

Read extra about meals fibre.

5. Avoid Alcohol

The fallouts of alcohol consumption are exponentially excessive. One manner alcohol negatively impacts your physique is by rising the chance of stomach weight problems. Alcohol consumption causes larger starvation and fewer satiety additional pushing one to make poor meals selections. 

It additional causes stress on the abdomen and the intestines. This leads to a lower in digestive secretions via the tract which is crucial for wholesome digestion. Alcohol consumption of all ranges can lead to impaired digestion and absorption of those vitamins. This can enormously have an effect on the metabolism of organs that play a job in weight administration.

5. Have Green Tea

Green tea is filled with vitamins and antioxidants that improve fats burning, enable you to drop extra pounds, and enhance well being in many alternative methods.

This wholesome beverage accommodates an Antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which boosts metabolism. EGCG may make folks eat fewer energy by performing as a pure urge for food suppressant that helps you drop extra pounds. Green Tea can be a terrific supply of caffeine, a effectively-recognized stimulant that has been discovered to assist your physique burn each fats and energy.

Avoid including sweeteners (similar to sugar, honey, milk or cream) to your inexperienced tea if you would like to greatest reap its advantages. The impact of the antioxidants in inexperienced tea could also be strengthened when its consumption is mixed with train.

However, like another meals and beverage, extra inexperienced tea consumption has potential unintended effects.

Read our article concerning the Potential Side Effects of Excess Green Tea. 

The Dangers of Belly Fat Accumulation

In addition to the upper BMI, extreme fats accumulation within the stomach space can doubtlessly pose the next well being dangers:

  • Heart illness
  • Sleep apnea
  • Colorectal most cancers
  • Insulin resistance and kind 2 diabetes
  • High blood strain

One can’t cut back stomach fats in a single day. A protracted-time period plan is the most effective strategy to shedding stomach fats. However, following the above ideas can take you one step nearer to your fats loss targets. That mentioned, it’s best to converse to an professional earlier than you get began in your weight reduction targets. Speak to a few of India’s greatest nutritionists and health coaches, and start your fats loss journey.

Belly Fat – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What train burns probably the most stomach fats?

A: Exercises that particularly goal the stomach space go a good distance in serving to cut back stomach fats. Four workouts that you are able to do to lose stomach fats are vertical leg crunch, bicycle train, crunches and fowl canine. 

Q. What are the 5 meals that burn stomach fats?

A: A eating regimen that’s wealthy in protein and soluble fibre whereas being low in carbohydrates and trans-fat helps burn stomach fats. Avoiding alcohol additionally helps cut back stomach fats quicker.  

Q. Can Lemon burn stomach fats? 

A: Lemon is wealthy in Vitamin C that helps in bettering your metabolism and antioxidants that flush out the toxins out of your physique. Lemons even have diuretic properties, which assist in detoxifying the physique, thereby serving to burn fats.

Q. What fruits can cut back stomach fats?

A: 7 of probably the most fibrous fruits that when eaten each day, have the facility to cut back your stomach fats are apple, tomato, orange, guava, strawberry, kiwi and avocado. 

Q. How can I lose my stomach fats in every week?

A:  This is a really unrealistic purpose as solely a gradual gradual strategy with optimistic way of life habits on a protracted-time period foundation will assist to obtain a discount in total physique fats.

Q. What drink helps burn fats?

A: You can eat key drinks, designed to enable you to attain your well being targets. A couple of of them are inexperienced tea, black tea, black espresso and apple cider vinegar drinks.  When you’re taking liquids recurrently, it boosts your metabolism. Consuming these drinks may assist hold away the starvation pangs that make you binge on unhealthy junk meals.

Q. Do eggs burn stomach fats?

A: Eggs have gained a popularity for being one of many healthiest eating regimen meals for weight reduction. Eggs, other than their wealthy protein content material, have a nutrient referred to as choline that’s recognized to assault the mechanism that triggers your physique to retailer fats round your liver. Include an egg each day in your eating regimen and see these inches round your waist disappear!

Q. Does inexperienced tea burn stomach fats?

A: Green tea might help you lose fats, particularly stomach. Green tea is wealthy in antioxidant contents, caffeine and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that stimulate fats burning via quicker metabolism. Another manner that inexperienced tea aids weight reduction is by managing urge for food which might make you eat fewer energy effortlessly. 

Q. Is milk good for weight reduction?

A: Milk has a very good mixture of fats, calcium and important vitamins that gives vitality to hold you energetic all through the day. It boosts metabolism which catalyses weight reduction quicker and in a more healthy manner. Milk has a mix of excellent fats vital for the physique that lubricates bones and maintains a very good muscle mass, making your physique stronger from the core. Drinking a glass of milk helps you in countering dehydration and serves as a greater different to sugary drinks.

Q. Does cucumber burn stomach fats?

A: Cucumber offers an ample quantity of vital vitamins like nutritional vitamins C and Ok that enable you to drop extra pounds. Cucumber has zero fats, low energy, and a negligible quantity of sugar that can enable you to drop extra pounds successfully. It is 90 per cent water; thus hydrates the physique and controls urge for food. 

Q. Does banana improve weight?

A:  Bananas are wealthy in carbohydrates and energy, which assist acquire weight naturally. Bananas are pretty excessive in sugar, which might flip into physique fats extra shortly than different vitamins. However, bananas are wealthy of their fibre content material and management the starvation hormones that make you’re feeling full for longer. Their candy style and creamy texture might also assist cut back unhealthy cravings. Thus bananas can’t be immediately linked to weight acquire or loss however are linked to numerous different components like portion dimension, time of consumption and way of life sample. 

Q. How can I lose fats with out weight-reduction plan?

A: There are some ways to drop extra pounds with out weight-reduction plan.

  1. Drink sufficient water 
  2. Get correct sleep
  3. Never skip breakfast 
  4. Count your energy
  5. Workout recurrently

Q. Can an excessive amount of train trigger weight acquire?

A: Excessive excessive-depth or lengthy-length train pushes your physique previous limits. This causes hormonal imbalance in your physique main to fatigue, decreased efficiency, and weight acquire, particularly across the stomach area.

Q. Is a morning stroll successfully for weight reduction?

A: Following a reasonably nutritious diet and common strolling might help you get outcomes quicker. It additionally helps keep the burden even in the long run. Walking is straightforward, and that’s the reason you don’t really feel winded as you’d after a heavy exercise. Your joints, particularly your knees and hips, get a very good exercise if you stroll. It provides you extra flexibility. Gradually, you possibly can then begin rising your tempo and strolling length. That will enable you to burn extra energy. Your physique’s insulin administration will get higher with common strolling. In addition, it permits you to shed a variety of stomach fats. Walking may assist tone and outline the muscle tissues in your legs, calves, and buttocks.

Q. Should you stroll on an empty abdomen?

A: Going on a Walk within the morning on an empty abdomen is likely one of the greatest methods to naturally enhance your metabolism and burn extra energy all through the day. 

Your blood sugar ranges and glycogen shops are the bottom if you wake within the morning. Thus, burning off the little sugar and further carbs you might have saved in your physique as fat is the quickest manner to lose a couple of kgs.

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