How To Clean Makeup Brushes + Tips From The Pros

When it comes to selecting a make-up brush cleanser, there are a couple of essential issues to remember. First, keep away from utilizing one thing potent like sulfate-based dish cleaning soap. “Regular soap can dry out brushes made of natural hair,” King stated. So whereas dish cleaning soap could technically clear the bristles, it isn’t going to assist your brushes final. 

Next, not simply any shampoo will do. “Some simple shampoos will get the job done but might contain artificial fragrances that can be triggering to sensitive skin or detergents that are hard to fully rinse or that get rinsed into our waterways,” Patinkin defined. “Really rich shampoos can leave a coating on the surface of your brushes, which will weigh down the bristles and impact how your makeup blends.” 

As a rule of thumb, search for one thing particularly designed to scrub your make-up brushes or an extra-gentle, fragrance-free cleaning soap or shampoo. Our high choose was created by Patinkin herself: The Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Soap. “I developed my soap very specifically to be quick and efficient to use while also doing no harm to the planet. It gets your brushes clean very quickly and rinses away without the time and effort other soaps and cleansers require,” Patinkin stated. 

Other nice choices embrace this Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo from EcoTools or this Baby Shampoo from Pipette. If you need to DIY your brush cleaner, you can also make a wash out of olive oil, liquid Castile cleaning soap, and distilled white vinegar. Here’s a tutorial on the way to create that mix if you happen to’re . 

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