How Long A Kiss Should Last To Really Feel The Spark

Not solely does prolonging your kiss to 10 seconds take a level of mindfulness and intentionality, that are each nice issues to have in a relationship, however Reed notes that it is also about actively selecting to admire your associate, selecting to create moments of intimacy collectively, and selecting to see them as your lover.

“A lot of people have a hard time with that word, ‘lover,’ and the thing is we end up being business partners, or roommates, or best friends,” she explains, including that every one too usually, folks overlook they are often weak all through the day, not simply on date evening or after they’re having intercourse. “It’s taking that moment to really admire the person and connect, and then you get that big burst of chemicals,” she says.

And the 10-second kiss is particularly useful when greeting one another after time aside, she notes, because it helps to carry you each to the identical “level,” emotionally, also called “attunement.”

“It sort of breaks the tension of coming back together at the end of the day to kiss for 10 seconds. Now you’re in that zone together, you’ve left work behind, and you’re in this zone of being in the relationship,” Reed explains.

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