How It Works + When To Use It

You’ll know it is time to bust out the gray rock methodology when a poisonous individual in your life is bothering you and interesting in manipulative conduct of some variety. Of course, in an ideal world, we’d lower off contact with these varieties of individuals, however typically that is not an choice.

According to Richmond, it really works in circumstances of maximum jealousy or possessiveness, somebody attempting to manage who you are with and the place you are going, and with people who find themselves gaslighting you, to call just a few examples. It additionally works when individuals attempt to incite drama, get any type of rise out of you, and so forth.

When you do end up within the firm of a narcissistic or abusive individual, and also you need them to go away you alone: disengage, disengage, disengage. As Richmond explains, most emotionally abusive individuals are in search of consideration—and unfavorable consideration is best than no consideration. So do not give it to them!

Along with maintaining your responses brief and unemotional, you need to use nonverbal cues like avoiding eye contact and closed-off physique language to sign you are not keen on interacting.

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