Healthy Methylation Is Like A Symphony, Says A PhD & Musician

While all gamers are essential in a symphony, simply as all components of the methylation cycle are important, do not forget that the string part (aka the MTHFR gene) is prime. So what would occur if, say, half or extra of this foundational string part had been off the beat?

“Imagine their rhythm is off,” Ferira explains. “Try as the strings may to pluck along or play with their bows, their timing is off, and thus, they can’t achieve the intended collective sound to support the other sections of the orchestra (folate and methionine cycles) and achieve the beautiful, optimized symphony (methylation).” Sure, a few of the string instrumentalists will be capable to carry out absolutely and on the beat, however the others enjoying off beat are competing with the general steadiness, and the musical piece does not sound prefer it ought to. How might it?

This is what happens when a person has an MTHFR gene variation. “Depending on the individual’s MTHFR variant(s), more or less of the string section—those violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists—might be off the beat (up to 70%),” Ferira notes. 

If the orchestra is not working at optimum effectivity due to the MTHFR gene variant (i.e., hanging the mistaken rhythm), the music merely cannot progress because it’s written. The brass part might even ring out loudly signaling that homocysteine ranges are rising. This is overpowering the remainder of the orchestra, which clearly wants a reset. But as Ferira explains, “Thankfully, the conductor cues the percussion section to enter just in time, and they drop the correct beat.”

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