Health, Memories, and the Spiritual Life

Interior of Remember Us with Smiles e book by Grace and Gary Jansen

What do irritation, reminiscence, and spirituality have in widespread? Quite a bit.

Inflammation is our physique’s try to guard itself from invading pathogens. For instance, if we fall on the floor and scrape a knee, our physique reacts immediately to guard us. White blood cells rush to the scene of the accident like super-fast emergency staff. Once there, they launch chemical substances to maintain dangerous substances from getting into the bloodstream. That pink, irritated-looking space surrounding a reduce is irritation doing its job. Without it, our our bodies wouldn’t heal.

However, irritation can develop into continual. Sometimes our our bodies trick themselves into considering that we’re consistently beneath assault, even after we aren’t. Our our bodies are constantly in protection mode and start turning on themselves, attacking regular tissues like international our bodies. This overreaction could cause arthritis, coronary heart assaults, autoimmune ailments, and most cancers.

We don’t know totally why continual irritation occurs, however genetics, our reactions to emphasize, an absence of sleep, and poor weight loss plan all seem to play a job.

What’s this bought to do with an individual’s non secular life?

Just as our our bodies act towards damage by producing irritation, our souls react to emphasize with patterned responses. We develop into anxious when a cherished one is sick. We really feel irritated after an argument. Insomnia develops as a result of we’re having issues at work. Our emotions are pure responses to the non secular breaks, cuts, bruises, and threats we expertise. They alert us when one thing is mistaken.

Problems come up when these emotional and non secular reactions flip continual. Anxiety, concern, and stress take cost even throughout what needs to be downtime. Few of us wish to cope with these feelings, so we bottle them up and attempt to push them down so far as attainable. But repressed emotions can result in arthritis of the soul; our minds develop into inflexible, and our hearts harden. We fall into inertia, laziness, and despair, which forestall us from loving God and these round us.

Caring for our souls will be difficult if we’re exhausted from a new child who refuses to sleep, undergo from continual illness, have lately skilled a setback at work, or really feel fed up with the each day stresses of Twenty first-century dwelling.


When instances like these come up—when our souls are uncooked and infected—let’s attempt to bear in mind who we’re. Sometimes the finest method to do that is to seek out one thing we love or as soon as cherished to do. Maybe it’s studying, making soup, placing collectively a photograph album, exercising, or spending some stress-free time with family members.

Moving the physique, stimulating the thoughts, and participating in dialog may not sound like methods to keep off non secular irritation. But these acts assist us get well a sense of chance and connection. Often our souls want a reminder that our lives are larger than what we will think about after we are drained or burdened. Sometimes going for an early morning stroll or remembering a specific time with a member of the family is sufficient to spark our weary souls.

Recently my spouse Grace and I wrote a youngsters’s e book entitled, Remember Us with Smiles, a few household remembering a few of the good instances they spent collectively. Memory can heal us. We’ve found that revisiting the good outdated days has helped us get by some not-so-good days. Positive reminiscences have a cooling impact that may ease painful moments.

Today, bear in mind who you’re by remembering who you had been and what you liked. Think again to if you had been a baby or a pupil or a brand new mom or father, and then spend a while with these reminiscences. Remember a time you ate pizza with your loved ones and the laughs you shared. If you liked John Coltrane when working at your first job, then hearken to Blue Train once more.

Revisit your reminiscences, to not dwell on the previous or dig up outdated hurts, however to recollect who you’re and what you like. Those valuable moments can ease a few of the painful and infected instances that many people are struggling by in our lives.

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