Hair Slugging: Benefits, History & An Expert-Led How-To

According to a shopper traits report from Spate, “While hair slugging may sound like a buzzy new hair technique, it’s essentially hair oiling repackaged for the TikTok audience.” As confirmed with “slugging,” “I’m cold makeup,” and even the “Olaplex bun” from a couple of months again, even the best of skincare practices or make-up appears to be like can obtain a particular title—and “hair slugging” is not any totally different.

Hair oiling, at its root, is an historical Ayurvedic method used to encourage hair progress and have a tendency to the scalp whereas concurrently offering a couple of aware moments. “There is an element of it that is so familial,” explains Lisa Mattam, founder and CEO of the Ayurvedic magnificence model Sahajan, who has been oiling her hair since she was a baby. “Most people have stories of their moms and dads sitting around and oiling their hair on a weekly basis.”

So why are these two phrases seemingly interchangeable in frequent slang? Well, slugging primarily includes incorporating one other occlusive layer of moisture as a way to rehydrate the pores and skin—and hair oiling entails an identical course of.

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