Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu)

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu). Sounds good proper ? If you might be a type of who give their finest on the gymnasium for getting that ripped and formed physique, nevertheless, simply figuring out hasnt accomplished a lot good to you, then it’s possible you’ll take into account this food plan chart.

Gym Plan for Weight Loss for Males

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males


Cardio exercise performs a vital position in any train programme. It is also called cardio train. It helps to extend your coronary heart charge and hold the blood pumping. This helps in burning of fats. Use an elliptical or treadmill or a stair stepper for cardio workouts. Minimum 20 minutes of cardio is important to offer any efficient outcomes.

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males

Losing weight results in saggy muscle tissues and pores and skin. To keep away from such factor weight coaching sparsely is all the time good. Weight coaching helps to tone muscle tissues and hold the pores and skin tight. This may also burn fat and energy. Take up weight coaching thrice per week to offer desired outcome. Spread out weight coaching workouts for all of the physique elements in complete week.

  • High depth interval coaching:

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males

This is an intense cardio exercise. It helps to burn energy and shed weight successfully in a brief span of time. It consists of intense bouts of train to raise your coronary heart charge, adopted by 15 seconds of relaxation. Hence it consumes much less time. These workouts embody butt kicks, lunges, burprees, mountain climbers, planks, leaping squats and many others. Do any of the train for 45 seconds adopted by 15 seconds relaxation. You can repeat the exercise for 20 minutes and you might be accomplished for the day.

Duration of Workout for weight reduction

For desired weight reduction it is suggested to carry out cardio exercise at the very least thrice per week. In between the cardio days you’ll be able to carry out weight coaching that can give additional advantages. The minimal period for exercise is 20 minutes. However, the perfect exercise time for a weight reduction impact is 45 – 60 minutes.

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males 

Here are some particulars on all of the vitamins that you will need to take into account in your gymnasium food plan plan for weight reduction for males.


Carbohydrates present gasoline to the physique. It prevents physique from exhaustion and replenishes muscle tissues. Consume low GI complete grains and cereals that can stop weight achieve. Select from any complete grain cereal, millets, complete vegatables and fruits, quinoa or oats. Try and devour just one sort of cereal at a time in your meal.


Fiber is important to keep away from any GI points. It helps in reducing down of fats absorption from the abdomen. It retains you full for longer time frame thus stopping any starvation pangs. The chewing required for the fiber indicators the mind precisely to cease consuming when the abdomen is full. Consume complete grain cereals, fiber fortified merchandise, complete vegatables and fruits, methi seeds or isabgol as and when required.


Proteins change into an integral half if you begin figuring out in a gymnasium. Protein helps in rebuilding of the physique cells. Protein together with carbohydrates replenishes muscle tissues. Proteins stop muscle soreness and in addition assist in constructing muscle tissues. All the additional protein you devour in type of protein powders will get saved within the muscle tissues. It is advisable to devour protein powders with the career steerage solely or else it should injury the physique organs. Consume good high quality proteins like egg, poultry, fish, low fats milk and merchandise, and soy. Include dals, pulses, sprouts and legumes too. Try and devour protein wealthy recipe in every meals which can assist in weight reduction.


Good high quality fats sparsely is important for the right functioning of the physique. Many hormones and physique processes require fats for the storage and utilization. Few nutritional vitamins are fats soluble which implies they’re absorbed and saved higher with consumption of fats. Include groundnut oil, cannola oil, ricebran oil or olive oil in your day by day food plan. You can devour as much as 2 to three teaspoons of seen fats every day.

Vitamins and minerals:

Any vitamin or mineral deficiency would possibly happen should you observe a fad or crash food plan. Vitamin and minerals are required in very minute portions however play a serious position in bodily features. Consume complete vegatables and fruits, nuts and dry fruits to fulfil the day by day requirement of nutritional vitamins and minerals.


Fluid consumption is immediately co-related with the exercise you do. In between your workouts hold sipping on water to keep away from dehydration. Adequate fluid consumption helps to eradicate waste from the physique in addition to stop soreness of muscle tissues submit exercise. Avoid any sports activities drink throughout exercise as it’s loaded with sugar. Try and devour plain water throughout exercises.

Important Tips for Gym Workout

  • Have a small pre-workout snack like a fruit or date earlier than exercise
  • During exercise hold sipping on water
  • If you devour protein powders, then cut up the quantity into half, devour half earlier than exercise and half after exercise
  • Gradually improve the depth or workouts for extended impact of weight reduction

Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu)

Here is a Sample indian menu of gymnasium food plan plan for weight reduction for males.

Before exercise: 1Fruit or 1 soaked dates (soaked in a single day) + 2 almonds + 2 walnuts or ½ serving protein shake

After exercise: ½ serving Protein shake or 2 eggwhites or 40 gms Masala Paneer or pepper paneer

Breakfast: 1 Bowl rolled oats with milk/ Daliya porridge/ Vegetable Quinoa upma

Mid – morning: 1 cup Green tea or 1 glass Green juice

Lunch: 1 cup Salad + 2 Chapati + 1 cup Vegetables + 1 cup Dal or Sprouts

Mid – afternoon: 1 glass Buttermilk

Evening: 1 cup Tea or espresso + 1 cup Kurmura or 1 Khakra or ½ cup Boiled Chana or Sprouts

Dinner: 1 bowl meal – Burrito bowl with brown rice or Sprout with inexperienced salad and curd or 3 vegetable crammed mung dal chilla

Bed time: 1 cup Turmeric milk ( no sugar)


End word:

Always bear in mind to take skilled steerage for figuring out in gymnasium and to observe acceptable food plan. Only slightly bit dedication in addition to self-discipline will aid you obtain your goal weight reduction. Hope this Gym Diet Plan for Weight Loss for Males (Indian Menu), proves to be of assist to you. You can avail our customized food plan plan service by emailing us at

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