Green Tea vs Milk Tea – Which is Better?

Water is the elixir of life and important on your nicely being. However, tea ranks subsequent on account of its reputation because the beverage of alternative. Indeed inhabitants of Asia, the United Kingdom, and Canada together with components of Africa, favor this distinctive beverage that is made by steeping a handful of tea leaves in sizzling water. It is the oldest method recognized to humankind of changing into refreshed inside seconds.

You can be astounded to know that tea grew in abundance in much less populated areas and was typically ignored. Then got here 2737 BC, and the Chinese Emperor added it to his morning cuppa thus, elevating it to new heights. It has remained entranced firmly within the minds of individuals. The American espresso is a comparatively new drink that was popularized submit the Boston tea social gathering. Tea is definitely not confined to a single sort, although.

On the opposite, you will discover avid tea fanatics discussing its deserves based mostly on the colour. You thus get black, white, inexperienced, and yellow kinds of tea out there now. However, all of them are sourced from a solitary plant, i.e. Camellia Sinensis.

The distinction lies within the processing of the leaves as nicely the extent of oxidation it undergoes. It comes with a lot of well being advantages however including milk and a sugar dice to make it extra palatable could cut back its dietary advantages considerably.

You could yearn for the age-previous milk tea or root for the comparatively new inexperienced tea. Which one must you drink, although? Green tea vs. Milk tea is a battle that has associates and households debating the difficulty in earnest. Each selection has its makes use of, and it will enable you to reach at an knowledgeable determination when you be taught sufficient to differentiate between them.

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Components In Cup Of Tea

While it is understood {that a} steaming cup of tea accommodates a number of helpful parts, most individuals desire to drink it to spice up their vitality and stay refreshed. Morning tea has turn out to be virtually important in fashionable instances.

However, it is sensible to try the parts in every sort of tea to decide on your morning beverage.

1. Antioxidants

Catechins, the principle element of tea, comes with confirmed antioxidant properties. Green tea is chock-a-block with catechins that assist the physique stay wholesome by defending towards free radicals chargeable for sickness and growing old.

Unfortunately, your physique won’t get too many antioxidants by consuming black milky tea. It is the milk that stops the absorption of antioxidants by physique cells.  

2. Caffeine

Do not routinely swap to espresso when you find yourself desperate to get caffeine. Tea accommodates an excellent quantity of caffeine too, and you will discover milky tea to have an enhanced quantity of it compared to its inexperienced counterpart.

Milk tea is normally ready with black tea that accommodates extra caffeine. You will thus discover 30mg-60mg of caffeine in a small cup of tea that has been steeped in sizzling water & milk for 8 minutes flat.

A recognized booster of vitality, consuming a number of cups of milk tea could lead to growing your blood stress and have your coronary heart racing. Hence go for 1-2 cups per day and to ensure higher absorption of antioxidants, go for black tea with out milk or add some lemon juice to enhance the style.

3. Fluoride

You will have the ability to get hold of an excellent quantity of fluorides by selecting inexperienced tea. This will allow you so as to add power to your bones and maintain your tooth wholesome with out resorting to dietary supplements. Adding milk will dilute this impact with the variety of fluorides being enormously lowered.

Benefits of Green Tea

Consuming inexperienced tea will enable you to profit massively from its bioactive parts that enhance each coronary heart well being and mind features.

Some of the well being advantages which have been proved by the medical fraternity embrace:

1. Green Tea Improve Cardiac Health

Green tea accommodates an excellent quantity of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) compounds that preserve the liner of blood vessels and reduces stress and nervousness.

Do not ever add milk to inexperienced tea for higher absorption of antioxidants.

2. Green Tea Increase Detoxification Properties

All the toxins could also be eradicated from the physique, courtesy of inexperienced tea.

It won’t solely increase your immunity however might also enhance the well being of your pores and skin, making it blemish-free and shiny in look.

3. Green Tea May Help Weight Loss

Antioxidants coming from inexperienced tea helps to battle towards free radical injury and improves metabolism.

This helps in weight reduction when mixed with nicely-balanced vitamin and workout routines.

Benefits of Milk Tea

Milk tea

Milk tea is ready by including a tablespoon or 2 of milk to brewed black tea. It is consumed sizzling and is in style throughout the UK and components of South Asia. Some of the benefits related to consuming milk tea embrace:

1. Better Taste

The sharp, astringent style is lowered significantly with the addition of milk. This form of tea is flavorful and favored in virtually all tea-consuming communities that can’t do with no cup of morning tea

2. Added Benefits 

Many folks, make sure that to have tea with the added taste of both ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, tulsi leaves, mint leaves, or some herbs. This provides extra flavors together with extra well being advantages

Green Tea vs Milk Tea – Which Is Healthier?

Green Tea OR Milk Tea: Which Is Healthier?

Tea whether or not black, inexperienced, or white, when consumed by itself by infusing in sizzling or chilly water, accommodates only a few energy. However, most individuals favor milk tea. Adding milk to it not solely reduces a bunch of well being advantages however might also diminish its worth to an amazing extent. Medical professionals advocate consuming tea with none taste enhancer to make sure acquiring the total extent of its advantages. 

Sure, milk is a whole meals, however including it to black tea will add nothing to the tea. Instead, it could actually show to be ineffective. So, go forward and drink tea to spice up your vitality ranges however keep in mind to drink it within the uncooked type by steeping it in sizzling water. You could add a drop of lemon to do away with the bitter style as a substitute of milk.

If you might be keen to check the pluses of inexperienced and milk tea, then it is the inexperienced tea that will get to verify a majority of packing containers. Check out the small print under and select the more healthy choice.

  • Green tea has loads of fluorides which might be helpful for bone & dental well being, however milk tea has a lowered quantity of it
  • Caffeine content material is a lot much less in inexperienced tea than in its black counterpart. Mixing it later with milk could trigger your coronary heart to beat quicker and your blood stress to go up
  • An abundance of EGCG helps in blood circulation by defending the liner of blood vessels. By mixing including milk to black tea you could find yourself with not many advantages 
  • Green tea is believed to assist in shedding weight whereas the milk in tea provides energy as many desire it with sugar


Both inexperienced and black teas have a number of shared advantages, together with vitality-boosting and coronary heart well being enchancment.

Green tea accommodates extra antioxidants that add to your well being. Be conscious of consuming milk tea for it will not be as efficient as inexperienced tea and will add further energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it alright to drink milk tea?

A. Adding milk to black tea is a typical observe. Tea is wealthy in antioxidants that profit the physique in a number of methods. Medical professionals advise consuming tea with out milk to maximise dietary beneficial properties. You could drink milk and tea individually in case you can’t do with out both of the beverage. Mixing the 2 could lead to sure digestive points and inhibit the facility of tea to an amazing extent.

Q. How a lot inexperienced tea must you devour?

A. You can devour 2-3 cups of inexperienced tea per day. Drinking too many cups could be problematic.

Q. Is it okay to drink 12 cups of inexperienced tea a day as an alternative choice to water?

A. There is no different for water. So keep in mind to remain hydrated by consuming water between meals, at common intervals. Green tea is advantageous for well being, however going overboard and changing water completely with inexperienced tea could cause abdomen pains, diarrhea, and insomnia over time.

Q. Will dairy options make milk tea style the identical?

A. Well, you may attempt including almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk to tea in case you are lactose illiberal. However, the style could also be a bit altered, and you might have so as to add sugar to take pleasure in it. Switch to the more healthy inexperienced tea as a substitute and have your tea with any fuss.

Q. How does milk tea hurt your well being?

A. Drinking a number of cups of milk tea all through the day could make you are feeling nauseous and bloated. Your tongue shall be coated, and your breath will stink finally. The caffeine in your tea will make you stressed and hamper your sleep cycle, inflicting you to really feel drained on a regular basis.

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