Gratitude Breathing Exercise – VASA Fitness


Lie in your again together with your left hand in your coronary heart and your proper hand in your abdomen. This will show you how to really feel your stomach develop as you breathe.



Starting on the prime of your head, slowly launch any stress you could be feeling as you exhale. Soften the area between your eyebrows. Relax your jaw. Take the strain out of your shoulders. Move all the way in which all the way down to your toes. Take so long as you want in your physique to really feel heavy and grounded.



Take 10 conscious breaths with out shedding focus. Keep your thoughts targeted in your breath as you slowly, and with management, breathe out and in. It would possibly assist to rely the pace of your breaths, considering, “Inhale, two, three, four; exhale, two, three, four.” Stay linked to your physique and spot how the breath feels all through your physique.

Don’t fear if it takes you a number of makes an attempt to get by the complete ten breaths with out shedding focus—proceed making an attempt till you obtain this considerate respiratory.



Take 10 further, gradual breaths. On every inhale, take into consideration one factor you’re grateful for. As you exhale, recall a reminiscence that features the factor, expertise or particular person you’re grateful for. You can do that for greater than 10 breaths if you happen to’d like—all of us have a lot to be thankful for!



Set an intention for the following hour of your day. What do you genuinely want out of your instant future? How are you able to strategy the remainder of the day with a grateful coronary heart and thoughts?



Wiggle your fingers and toes. Roll your wrists and ankles. Slowly sit up and smile. As you go about your day, keep in mind these 10 issues you’re grateful for—it’ll show you how to keep cheerful and optimistic!

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