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In at present’s fast-paced world, people lean towards crash diets to convey ends in a brief period of time. As a consequence, it will increase the rise of diets like the potato weight loss program. The guidelines are easy in a potato weight loss program. It is a short-term dietary plan the place a person has to eat solely potatoes for 3 to 5 days, adopted by per week or months, relying on the particular person’s requirement. 

This excessive consuming plan focuses on consuming nothing however cooked potatoes for fast weight reduction. For occasion, you would possibly even lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) per day after following the potato weight loss program for 3 to 5 days. However, longer-term variations of the potato weight loss program won’t have important well being advantages. It merely does no matter any weight loss program tries to do: limits meals to shed extra pounds. 

Potato Diet: Foods to Eat

Plain Potatoes

According to a examine, plain boiled potatoes are extremely satiating. However, it’s all the time higher to eat them sparsely. Then, if you would like to discover extra, you’ll be able to transfer to different varieties. However, it doesn’t embrace candy potatoes or yams in your potato allowance. You can eat boiled, baked, or mashed potatoes, so long as they’re not chips.

Whole, Plant-Based Foods

In its strict kind, the potato weight loss program doesn’t permit the weight loss program follower to devour meals apart from potatoes. However, in the lenient kind, the particular person can devour unprocessed and entire meals sources, together with fruits, greens, legumes, and grains with low-calorie content material.

Condiments and Seasonings

The potato weight loss program has condiments, sauces, and seasoning limitations in its purest kind. While in the non-strict weight loss program plan, the particular person is allowed to consumption a small variety of low-fat condiments similar to mustard and spice powders or herbs.


Black tea, espresso (with out milk or sugar), natural tea, and water are the solely beverage drinks allowed to devour whereas following the potato weight loss program. However, since it’s important to keep hydrated, people are inspired to drink loads of water.

Potato Diet: Foods to Avoid

Added Fats

The potato weight loss program doesn’t embrace vegetable oils, butter, nuts, seeds, and avocado due to fats content material. Even although fat assist take up vitamins, in addition they have a excessive supply of energy, making you achieve weight shortly.

Processed and Refined Foods

The potato weight loss program doesn’t add processed meals gadgets, together with pasta, bread, chips, muffins, doughnuts, cereals, and crackers, as they’ve excessive fats, sodium, and energy. So, for example, you’ll be able to eat baked potatoes as an alternative of french fries.

Animal Based Products

The potato weight loss program is part of going vegan. Hence animal merchandise together with meat, poultry, seafood, fish, dairy, and eggs are prohibited.

Potato Diet: How to Go About It?

Most individuals typically contemplate potatoes unhealthy. However, it’s not due to the vegetable itself however due to its cooking methods that considerably enhance the energy. So, as an alternative, the potato weight loss program explores wholesome cooking options similar to baking and boiling. Some variations of the potato weight loss program solely permit white potatoes and contain skin-on preparations. At the identical time, others embrace a greater variety and require peeling. Some potato diets are much less strict, permitting for small quantities of non-dairy milk, roast, and sauté. 

The HealthifyMe Note

There isn’t any particular schedule to devour meals in the potato weight loss program since it’s typically for 3 to 5 days for fast weight reduction. Likewise, the variety of potatoes consumed in a day additionally will depend on the particular person. However, a common suggestion is 2 to 5 kilos of potatoes every day, which is able to show you how to get sufficient energy and vitamins.

Pros of a Potato Diet

Potatoes are gluten-free and wealthy in nutritional vitamins, minerals, fibre, and different vitamins. The weight loss program places you in a calorie deficit state and resets your urge for food, aiding in weight reduction.

Prevent Overeating

Research exhibits that potatoes have a excessive fibre content material of round 3.7 grams and have resistant starch, which takes extra space in the gastrointestinal tract, slowing down digestion and in the end stopping overeating. It can even assist to stop insulin resistance and facilitate weight reduction.

Support Exercise Performance

Potatoes are wealthy in carbohydrates and numerous nutrient sources, making them a wonderful gas supply for train. A examine discovered that consuming small to medium baked potatoes will energy up your exercise classes, finally aiding in weight reduction.

Helps in Weight Control

The resistant starch current in the potatoes is alleged to bear fermentation as soon as it reaches the massive gut, stimulating the physique to burn fats content material. Moreover, the excessive potassium content material in potatoes helps stop water retention, successfully aiding in weight reduction. 

Even although there is no such thing as a really helpful degree for resistant starch, nutritionists suggest consuming at the least 10 grams every day, whereas most individuals solely eat round 5 grams.

Boost Metabolism Rate

Potatoes are often called a wealthy supply of antioxidants like polyphenols. They play a major function in enhancing the fee of metabolism, thereby breaking down complicated sugar substances at the next fee. In addition, the resistance starch content material additionally helps develop good micro organism, selling intestine well being.

Reduce Appetite

The presence of proteinase inhibitor 2 in potatoes will assist the particular person decrease meals consumption. It works by producing the satiety hormone known as cholecystokinin. It means you’ll really feel satiated for an extended time and sure eat solely when hungry.

The Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals

The micronutrients present in potatoes will assist help the physique’s regular perform. For instance, it has considerable vitamin B6 that converts the non-carbohydrate supply right into a usable type of vitality. It can be very important in producing RBC (pink blood cells) and neurotransmitters (chemical messengers). 

Affordable and Easy to observe

Compared with different fruit and veggies, potatoes are genuine but available and reasonably priced. Also, the potato weight loss program is an easy course of with easy guidelines, like adapting to aware consuming practices, that are comparatively simple to observe.

Cons of Potato Diet

Potatoes have a major function in our on a regular basis weight loss program, however apart from quite a few benefits, following the potato weight loss program for a very long time would possibly trigger drastic well being penalties.

Highly Restrictive

The potato weight loss program has strict planning that may lead to disordered consuming and unhealthy dietary practices. In addition, due to its restrictive and restricted nature, this weight loss program makes it inconceivable for the physique to take up all the micronutrients.

Hard to Sustain Results

A potato weight loss program would possibly trigger adaptive thermogenesis, making it difficult to preserve the obtained new weight after transferring to the normal consuming methodology. Moreover, a examine exhibits that 90% of weight loss program followers have bounce-backed to their earlier weight after suspending their weight loss program plan.

Lacks Certain Nutrients

Even although potatoes are wealthy in numerous nutrient sources, in addition they lack a couple of important vitamins for optimum well being. For instance, they’re poor in vitamin A, B12, calcium, zinc, and protein. Therefore, it turns into inconceivable to acquire all the important micronutrients from simply potatoes. 

Toxin Exposure

Starchy meals like potatoes cooked at excessive temperatures will launch the poisonous chemical element known as acrylamide. The excessive content material of this chemical substance will have an effect on the human nervous system and would possibly lead to most cancers. 

Tips to Remember While Following a Potato Diet

  • Instead of consuming deep-fried potatoes, go for air-fried, baked, mashed, or boiled potatoes to reap the potential advantages of the weight loss program.
  • Let your potatoes quiet down after cooking earlier than you devour them. It is as a result of the quantity of resistant starch is greater in that kind, which aids in burning fats in the physique.
  • Avoid peeling the pores and skin of potatoes earlier than cooking them. It is as a result of the outer layer of the vegetable could defend its vitamins throughout the cooking course of. If you peel the pores and skin, the protein and minerals content material will get misplaced after cooking.
  • While boiling potatoes, warmth the water to the boiling level earlier than including the greens. It will show you how to lower the cooking time and have much less impact on nutrient content material. 
  • Add solely a bit quantity of salt to the potatoes.
  • Don’t go for heavy workout routines whereas on a potato weight loss program. Instead, observe mild train patterns similar to strolling.
  • Don’t retailer the uncooked potatoes in the fridge for a very long time.
  • Always soak the potatoes in water earlier than baking them.

The HealthifyMe Note

No particular meals or weight loss program plan might help you lose or achieve weight except you deal with the total calorie restriction and the way to devour them. Choosing air-fried, boiled, mashed, or baked potatoes are wholesome options. Avoid peeling the pores and skin of potatoes earlier than consuming them to keep away from mineral and vitamin loss. While adopting a potato weight loss program, keep away from going for heavy train.

Is Potato Diet Healthy?

The weight loss program’s effectiveness on the particular person solely will depend on their dietary wants, medical situation, and different associated points. However, in accordance to analysis, the potato weight loss program plan will obtain most profit when carried out appropriately. For occasion, individuals with persistent kidney or closing stage renal illness mustn’t devour potatoes or potato-based merchandise. Similar to that, individuals with diabetes mellitus must also keep away from consuming potatoes since the glycaemic index of the vegetable is comparatively excessive, above 80.

Eating potatoes sparsely might help you cut back your ldl cholesterol degree, shed weight, and purchase the mandatory vitamins the physique wants. However, it is usually essential to do not forget that prolonging the weight loss program or overlooking your physique’s wants will convey extra potential well being points than boosting your weight reduction. The improper observe of a potato weight loss program can even lead to consuming problems, well being imbalance, and weight loss program deficiencies.


A potato weight loss program considerably impacts intestine well being and helps the physique reset its perform when ready appropriately. However, though the potato weight loss program exhibits some optimistic ends in supporting the weight reduction course of in the brief time period, the security of the potato weight loss program for the long-term strategy shouldn’t be proved by any scientific analysis. Hence, examine along with your healthcare skilled earlier than going past a particular restrict. Following consultants’ pointers and neatly making use of them will show you how to get higher ends in the potato weight loss program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What occurs for those who eat solely potatoes?

A. Even although potatoes comprise excessive fibre content material and a few important vitamins, consuming them alone can be extremely damaging and lead to critical well being repercussions. The lack of particular nutritional vitamins and minerals in simply consuming potatoes will lead to pernicious anaemia and even irreversible harm. Moreover, the potato weight loss program makes it exhausting to maintain outcomes.

Q. Does potato cut back stomach fats?

A. Yes, potatoes might help cut back stomach fats due to the presence of fibre, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different helpful vitamins. However, it’s important to put together them healthily and incorporate them right into a wholesome balanced weight loss program. Therefore, potatoes support in lowering weight, helps in digestion, and cut back the threat of creating potential ailments similar to most cancers. But you must also observe a daily train routine. 

Q. How lengthy are you able to keep on the potato weight loss program?

A. The potato weight loss program is mostly deliberate for 3 to 5 days, the place you might be solely allowed to eat plain potatoes. Though it helps you shed some weight shortly, following it for an prolonged interval could lead to unhealthy consuming habits due to the restrictive nature of the weight loss program and the absence of some important vitamins.

Q. Can I shed extra pounds consuming a potato?

A. Yes, you’ll be able to shed extra pounds by consuming potatoes. Most individuals declare that one can lose 0.45 kg every day simply by consuming potatoes. In addition, analysis exhibits that consuming fibre-rich meals like potatoes promotes intestine well being and considerably prevents weight problems, coronary heart illness, and kind 2 diabetes. However, in accordance to knowledgeable dietitians and nutritionists, whereas following the potato weight loss program, one mustn’t eat different meals besides potatoes to obtain desired outcomes. 

Q. Can you shed extra pounds by simply consuming potatoes?

A. Yes, consuming baked, steamed, boiled, or mashed potatoes at room temperature will show you how to attain your required weight. However, there is no such thing as a scientific proof to detect the perfect nature of the potato weight loss program. Nevertheless, consuming solely potatoes would possibly show you how to shed extra pounds due to their restrictive nature.

Q. How many potatoes a day is an excessive amount of?

A. As a common rule in the potato weight loss program, one can devour 0.9 to 2.3 kg of potatoes every day. A examine exhibits that consuming one medium-size potato, both baked or steamed a day, is part of a nutritious diet course of that can cut back the threat of cardiometabolic threat, stroke, and diabetes. However, consuming potatoes of their fried kind ought to be discouraged as they’ll destroy the nutrient content material and lead to potential well being misery.

Q. How can I cut back my abdomen fats?

A. Weight loss is an advanced course of. Belly fats kinds from consuming too many energy, main to weight achieve or weight problems. But following a high-fibre weight loss program plan that features greens, fruits, beans, and legumes assist lose abdomen fats. In addition, common train, sleep cycle and the correct weight loss program plan can considerably cut back visceral fats persistently.

Q. Why do potatoes trigger weight achieve?

A. No, consuming potatoes sparsely won’t make you achieve weight. Baked or steamed potatoes will solely support in weight reduction. Potatoes lead to weight achieve solely whenever you devour them in extra. Instead, attempt to eat them relying on the degree of your day-to-day life exercise and the diet your physique wants.

The well being advantage of potatoes will depend on their cooking course of. For instance, cooking potatoes with butter, margarine, cream, or different fat-containing elements shouldn’t be wholesome. In that case, they’ll drastically have an effect on your weight and well being by enhancing the probability of creating hypertension and diabetes.

Q. Should I keep away from potatoes to shed extra pounds?

A. No, you don’t want to keep away from potatoes for those who plan to shed extra pounds. However, guarantee to devour them in a thoughtful quantity and with a wholesome preparation methodology. For instance, cooking them with different fat-sourced elements will contribute to weight achieve. In addition, potatoes comprise a singular element known as resistant starch and excessive fibre content material, which is integral in dashing up weight reduction.

Q. Is boiled potato fat-free?

A. Yes, boiled potatoes are just about fat-free, low in energy, and wealthy in vitamins, making them a wonderful addition to a weight reduction weight loss program. A examine additionally exhibits that boiling potatoes produce a excessive quantity of resistant starch, important in regulating metabolism, stopping further fats, and selling myriad well being advantages.

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