Can Diabetes Be Cured? Let Us Find Out

Diabetes is a situation that outcomes when the pancreas can now not produce insulin or when the physique fails to make optimum use of the insulin it produces.

After an individual is identified with the situation, their sole goal is to remedy the illness. However, the query is, can diabetes be cured? Unfortunately, the easy reply to this query is “No.”

There is not any recognized remedy for diabetes at the moment. However, some remedies may help handle the illness and permit folks to dwell wholesome lives. It is unknown when medical science will discover a remedy for diabetes, however within the meantime, it’s important to learn to handle blood sugar ranges.

Diabetes Management

Although diabetes is irreversible, a number of drugs, remedies, life-style modifications, and dietary adjustments can reduce the results of diabetes and assist folks handle the situation. 

People with diabetes usually have varied long-term well being points. Even although diabetes is incurable, one can handle it, and a few folks even go into remission. Remission happens when blood sugar (or glucose) ranges return to regular.

When folks with diabetes enter remission, the physique now not signifies any indicators of the illness, though the situation remains to be technically current. It doesn’t suggest that the individual is freed from the illness.

The illness remains to be there, but it surely simply doesn’t specific itself. Even if a affected person may preserve regular blood sugar ranges for 10–20 years, a physician would nonetheless think about diabetes to be in remission reasonably than cured. 

Gestational or pregnancy-induced diabetes will get triggered by being pregnant hormones and different pure adjustments that happen if you find yourself pregnant.

Unlike kind 1 and sort 2, gestational diabetes often goes away independently. It resolves after childbirth, that means {that a} remedy for gestational diabetes is giving delivery. However, there’s a threat of gestational diabetes creating into kind 2 diabetes.

The HealthifyMe Note

Treatment, weight loss plan, medication or life-style adjustments can solely handle your blood sugar degree and can’t remedy diabetes. However, gestational diabetes goes away quickly after supply in most ladies. Finding a remedy for diabetes is an space of energetic analysis. Still, proper now, you may practise wholesome consuming, comply with an train routine, take insulin injections if obligatory, and be sure that you management your blood glucose degree.

Ways to Manage Diabetes

Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune situation, outcomes when the physique destroys the insulin-producing pancreatic cells. As a consequence, the physique can’t management the glucose degree within the blood with out insulin.

However, lower than 10% of individuals expertise it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you are able to do to cease it from occurring, however the next measures may help handle the illness.

Insulin Treatments

The hottest type of therapy for kind 1 diabetes is insulin injections. There are quite a few insulin injections out there. They differ relying on how rapidly and for the way lengthy insulin acts on the physique. 

Using Verapamil

A 2018 analysis means that the blood strain drug verapamil could also be useful in diabetes. In kind 1 diabetics, this medication appears to extend the pancreas’ means to supply insulin, decreasing the necessity for insulin injections (solely on medical recommendation).

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

It could be simpler to handle kind 2 diabetes than kind 1 as a result of kind 2 diabetes just isn’t an autoimmune illness. Instead, when the physique doesn’t successfully use the insulin that the pancreas continuously produces, kind 2 diabetes happens. 

According to analysis, kind 2 diabetes is considerably extra frequent than kind 1 diabetes, accounting for 90-95% of all diabetes circumstances. 


Most sufferers with kind 2 diabetes might want to take medication to decrease blood glucose and enhance its absorption, despite the fact that life-style adjustments can reduce the results of the situation.

Medications are obligatory for folks with long-term or persistent kind 2 diabetes. It is unusual for folks with kind 2 diabetes in its early phases to wish extra insulin.

Lifestyle Changes for Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise and weight loss plan are two principal life-style adjustments that may assist handle kind 2 diabetes. The first measures in treating kind 2 diabetes embody a nutritious weight loss plan, common train, sustaining wholesome physique weight, and abstaining from alcohol and tobacco.

Regular Exercise

Exercise retains you in form, burns energy, and maintains your blood sugar ranges. Every kilogram (kg) of physique weight reduction can decrease the danger of kind 2 diabetes by 16%. In addition, folks with kind 2 diabetes should have interaction in 150 minutes per week of cardio workout routines, corresponding to brisk strolling and biking.

Dietary Changes

Dietary adjustments for managing kind 2 diabetes embody:

  • Limiting added sugar consumption and easy carbs will assist regulate blood sugar. However, avoiding processed meals with flavourings, sweeteners, and preservatives can also be obligatory. 
  • Consume fibre-rich meals that may assist decelerate the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars. Fibre-rich meals within the weight loss plan embody greens, fruits, complete grains, and many others.
  • Foods wealthy in polyunsaturated fatty acids, corresponding to fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils, are additionally helpful for regulating blood sugar ranges.
  • A heart-healthy consuming plan, just like the DASH weight loss plan, could be a very efficient methodology to decrease the danger or impression of diabetes. 


To handle your diabetes, it’s good to make small adjustments to your life-style. Eating nicely, exercising usually and monitoring your blood sugar ranges are all keys to residing a wholesome life with diabetes.

Keep your blood sugar ranges beneath management by realizing what you are able to do to maintain them near regular. Take your diabetes medicine as prescribed. Make certain your meals consumption, train, stress administration and sleep patterns all work collectively.

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