Ardha Kurmasana - Half Tortoise Pose

Ardha Kurmasana – Half Tortoise Pose

Ardha Kurmasana – Half Tortoise Pose

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You know Ardha Kurmasana is also known as Half Tortoise Yoga Asana.

Due to its resemblance to a tortoise

it is known as the tortoise pose.

This yoga asana is able to prove to be very beneficial

to your body in every possible way.

By performing this asana regularly

and properly our bodies can be rejuvenated.

The organs get stretched to its maximum

with every movement of this asana.


The shoulder movement gets improved

and so does the muscles in the corresponding areas.

The abdominal muscles gets toned

and become more flexible.

The asana stretches the lower part of the lungs

which is good for your breathing.

It also increases the lung capacity which proves to be crucial

if you have breathing problems like asthma.

The pressure put on your neck

and head improves migraine problems.

It can be stated as a stress buster

due to its stress relieving capacity.


Stomach related problems are solved too.

If you suffer from indigestion

or constipation this asana helps to improve it greatly.

The digestive system is up

and running with the help of the asana.

Fresh supply of blood is provided to each

and every organ for a smooth flowing bodily system.

It relaxes the brain by the fresh supply of blood.

Many of your sleeping problems are addressed

by performing this asana.

It is a good cure for insomnia.


Backache problems can termed as a thing of past.

Ardha Kurmasana stretches the spine

that relieves you from any backache or spine problems.

Due to the level of blood circulation,

your heart remains fit and fine.

The bending and stretching increases

the level of flexibility of your arms and hips.

Toning gives great shape to your body

that keeps you positive and healthy.


The internal organs are massaged very well

to bring the extra zest needed for your body.

It serves as a great remedy for anemic as well as diabetic patients.

The pressure on the thigh and legs makes it strong and sturdy.

It also tones the thigh muscles due to the position

in which the asana is done.

The spine is elongated by the stretch provided during the asana.

It is a benefit in disguise, as it cures many ailments.


Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautions

before following any of the asanas

from this article and the site.

To avoid any problems while doing the asanas,

it is advised that you consult a doctor and a yoga instructor.

The responsibility lies solely

with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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