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Numerology is the reading of numbers and number combinations through the use of numbers and number combinations.

Numerology is frequently used in psychic readings. Each number represents a different meaning. They are also related to the letters of the alphabet. Numerology is interpreted and prediction charts are created using these meanings and correspondences.

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The numbers used are zero to ten. Any number more than 10 is broken down by adding two digits to create a single-digit number. The following are the commonly accepted definitions of the numbers zero through ten:

0 everything and nothing at the same time


2-balance, pair 3-interaction, 4-creating, 5-action, 6-accountability, 7-the mind, thinking

8-strength 9-the end 10-restart

The meanings of the numbers vary greatly depending on the numerologist. However, in general, the following definitions are a good depiction of the most commonly used number meanings. The numbers 11 and 22 are sometimes given special values as prime numbers, representing the most important and noteworthy numbers in numerology.

The letters of the alphabet are also related to numbers. The digits 1 through 26 are used for this. In numerology reports, a person’s name is usually written out and then marked with a number for each letter. The numbers are then added up and reduced to a digit between one and 10. For an example:

Sue is given the numbers 18/20/5.

The number of 18 is reduced to nine.

20 is reduced to 2 and 5 remains the same.

The following was then added: 9+2+5=16

The answer, 16, is reduced to a single digit of 7.

This is the basis for translating the text into numerology. It is, however, a vital aspect of the process that every numerologist should be aware of.

Numerology charts are frequently created for a single person, but they can also be created to compare two people, such as a relationship. Numerology reports frequently reveal information about a person’s or relationship’s inner workings.

A numerologist has to be able to connect letters and numbers,

as well as add and understand the meanings behind the results of their job. Numerology reports are frequently long and time-consuming to complete. Reports are frequently based on a person’s name and date of birth. The name and date of birth are broken into several equations. Each one means something different.


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To create a natal numerology chart, a numerologist needs only the fundamental facts: name and date of birth. They may require more information for more complicated charts. Relationship charts require the names of both individuals and their birth dates and, based on the reading, the date of the anniversary.

To be able to remember all of the matching specifics of numbers and letters, numerology requires a lot of ability. A numerologist must also learn the various meanings of numbers as well as the various formulae for calculating the outcomes of reading. Learning numerology may take some time, but it is not as complicated as it may appear. A professional numerologist will be able to explain the process and answer any queries their clients may have.

Numerology is a type of divination that can be used in comparison to other forms of divination, such as tarot readings or rune casting on a smaller scale. Numbers have always had special meanings, and they can help to deepen a tarot reading or rune casting. Many psychic readers connect numbers with their readings because they may receive messages in the form of numbers occasionally.

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