An MD Explains The Downside Of Taking Melatonin + What’s Better

As Lipman defined on a current episode of the mbg podcast, he is not in opposition to melatonin—however he does assume it has a reasonably particular use case: It’s finest for serving to with sleep rhythm.

“Melatonin is your main sleep hormone, and cortisol is your main daytime hormone,” Lipman notes. So, he provides, melatonin could be useful should you’re experiencing points with the rhythm of your sleep, corresponding to jet lag from touring. “If you want to get back into rhythm, melatonin is a good way to do so,” he provides.

But in case your circadian rhythm is not the problem, taking melatonin doubtless will not be the best choice. In truth, he says, “Melatonin is a hormone. It can affect all the other hormones. And taking a lot of melatonin—a lot of people take 3 to 5 milligrams to sleep—over time is going to affect your other hormones and suppress your body’s own ability to make melatonin.”

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