A Psychotherapist & Dream Expert Shares Her Sleep Must-Haves

As a psychotherapist and dream interpreter, Leslie Ellis, Ph.D., is aware of the significance of a very good night time’s sleep. The extra time we spend in deeper sleep phases like REM, the extra our our bodies can get better from the day and our brains can gentle up with vivid goals.

“I am a dream expert, so I highly value sleep and dreaming,” Ellis tells mbg. “I am also a very light sleeper, so I have tried many things to sleep longer and more deeply.”

For these seeking to reap all the advantages of a stable snooze (together with probably illuminating goals), Ellis recommends beginning with the fundamentals: Make positive your bed room is cool, darkish, and quiet, and keep away from display time, alcohol, heavy meals, and intense train too near bedtime. From there, these are the instruments that Ellis turns to in her personal bed room to information her towards a restful slumber that’s positively dreamy:

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