A Peanut Miso Stew Recipe Inspired By West African Flavors

Northern savanna areas are friendlier to cereal agriculture (sorghum, millet, and maize), whereas hotter forest areas are extra conducive to tubers resembling yams, cassava, and plantains. Climate performs a serious function in figuring out the cooking oils and animal meals conventional to the area as effectively; folks in forested areas typically cooked with palm oil, whereas within the savanna, peanut oil reigned. Sticky spheres of tubers known as fufu are a typical dish, usually accompanying stews constituted of groundnut or palm oil, okra, spice, and a few meat or fish. 

During the Middle Passage, enslaved West Africans usually introduced meals from the continent with them as a matter of survival, which contributed to the unfold of conventional West African meals to America. Trans-Atlantic commerce introduced chilies, maize, and cassava to the African continent. Meanwhile, British imperialism took flavors from colonies across the globe and deposited them into Western and Central Africa. Palm chop, a West African dish made with palm oil, animal proteins, and greens, for instance, was influenced by the curry discovered all through South Asia. 

As commerce with different areas elevated over the previous two millenniums, some meals historically regarded as West African migrated to Central Africa. Central African consuming patterns started to incorporate cassava, peanuts, tomatoes, beans, taro, rice, sorghum, and millet; many of those turned staple crops with some changing the indigenous crops (e.g., the American peanut displacing the Bambara groundnut). 

Throughout these adjustments, nonetheless, stews and starches stay the core of the Central African patterns of consuming. Stews are normally composed of just a few elements after which thickened with palm fruit or crushed peanuts; typically different thickeners resembling crushed seeds or okra could also be used. They are then paired with a boiled and pounded starch, resembling cassava. Typically, a small piece is torn off and dipped or dunked within the stew earlier than being eaten. Greens are additionally a core element of Central African delicacies, together with leaves from cassava, okra, pumpkin, sorrel, or candy potato. These greens, together with onion, scorching pepper, meat, fish, and oil, are the everyday ingredient base for every day stews. Red palm oil can be distinctive to the area, constituted of boiling and hand-squeezing recent palm nuts. 

Recipe from EATING FROM OUR ROOTS. Copyright © 2023 by Maya Feller. Photography copyright © 2023 by Christine Han. Published by goop Press/Rodale Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC. Reprinted with permission.

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