7-Day Vegetarian Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan

The anti-inflammatory “diet” isn’t a particular weight loss plan, per se. It’s extra of a set of dietary pointers that focuses on decreasing and/or stopping power irritation in your physique.

“Overall, an anti-inflammatory diet consists of eating foods that are primarily anti-inflammatory and avoiding foods that are pro-inflammatory in nature,” says Pooja Mahtani, PharmD, MS, CNS, LDN, IFMCP, a licensed dietitian-nutritionist specializing in useful diet.

“While there are general guidelines for what foods are considered anti-inflammatory vs. pro-inflammatory, it truly must be personalized for the individual. Foods that are inflammatory to one person may be completely safe for another individual.”

That being mentioned, there are two basic principles3 of an anti-inflammatory weight loss plan: Eat entire meals which might be wealthy in wholesome fat and phytonutrients and keep a steady glycemic response (i.e. keep away from blood sugar spikes and drops).

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