6 Types Of Listening + How To Use Each For Stronger Relationships

There is a time and a spot for talking in dialog, and there may be additionally a time for staying quiet and absorbing what you’re listening to. This is named passive listening. “Passive listening is the process of listening to information, not reacting to it, and allowing the speaker to speak freely,” explains Namavar. “Passive listening allows you to take in information without being encompassed by it or reacting—a way of preserving a personal boundary or attention.”

If a buddy must work via a private drawback or just vent, it is a good alternative to follow passive listening with out interjecting your opinion or ideas on the matter. “You can become a better passive listener by focusing on what is being said, letting go of personal beliefs or reactions, and accepting your role of listening and not speaking,” she provides.

This type of listening is important relating to creating sturdy relationships so your mates, associate, or household know that they’re being heard and understood. (*6*) she explains. 

This is much like supportive listening which is important for permitting folks to really feel seen and can assist to construct interpersonal relationships. “With supportive listening, you’re chiming in with statements that feel affirmative and validating of what the person is saying,” explains Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D., medical psychologist and creator. “But you’re not speaking in a way that suggests you want to take the floor and interject. You’re instead making periodic interjections or words of validation that are intended to encourage the person to keep sharing more.”

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