5 Ways The Sots Press Will Make You A Better Weightlifter

If you’re seeking to construct confidence, talent, and energy to enhance your Olympic Weightlifting talent within the snatch, in addition to the clear and jerk, then practising the Sots Press is undoubtably the best way to go. However, you will need to word that this motion does require a better degree o talent, coordination, and mobility, particularly all through the thoracic backbone. Let’s get into how you should utilize this motion to advance your olympic lifts and general athletic efficiency.

The sots press is an adjunct energy constructing motion than an athlete will use of their coaching to extend mobility in addition to energy at the back of the physique aka the thoracic backbone. By utilizing this motion, the place in a squat you press a barbell up and overhead within the snatch grip or conventional grip, you too can enhance general stability and coordination. This motion might be performed from the entrance rack or again rack in addition to with all kinds of apparatus, together with a barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, and so forth. Is is vital to notice that this motion isn’t utilized in competitors and is often programmed firstly of a coaching session to familiarize the athlete with the catching and receiving place within the snatch. It might be performed with an empty barbell or a loaded barbell relying on the skills of the lifter.

There was a person by the identify of Viktor Sots who gained the World Weightlifting Championship Men’s 100kg in the course of the years 1981 and 1982. As you possibly can think about, the motion itself, the Sots Press, was named after this man. But why? Well, everybody who watched this man compete and elevate would see that he was the primary weightlifter of his form to make the most of the squat jerk as a substitute of the cut up jerk, particularly throughout competitions. These days, the sots press is not only restricted to urgent up and overhead from the entrance rack place, however from any place (behind the top, entrance rack place, and so forth.).

The sots press works a wide range of muscle groups in each the higher and decrease physique. From the highest, we’re speaking concerning the shoulders, higher again, mid again and core. In the decrease half of the physique the sots press works the decrease physique together with the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. As far as mobility goes, you possibly can see enhancements within the management and vary of movement all through the most important joints such because the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulder areas.


While the squat place alone improves general energy within the higher and decrease physique, including within the component of taking a load from the entrance or again rack place and urgent it overhead goes to strengthen the higher physique much more. Improve your full physique energy with the sots press in your warmups, particularly on days the place you have got a whole lot of overhead actions, like snatches or overhead squats in your programming.

Mobility and Coordination

Sound mobility and coordination are the bread and butter of any profitable weightlifter or Olympic lifter. The sots press goes to have the ability to enhance each of those via common observe and weight bearing within the overhead squat place with a barbell, whether or not empty or loaded.


Weightlifting and health coaching usually has an exquisite skill to offer the physique with improved musculature which interprets over into higher posture and harm prevention. Since muscle groups help the skeletal system/bones of our physique, and people bones work finest when in line and guarded. The sots press (for instance) goes to assist a person with their posture not solely within the health club and through olympic actions however out of the health club as wall.

Olympic Lifting Ability

The sots press is a superb accent and/or warmup motion for athletes to include when seeking to construct talent, energy, and stability within the receiving place of a snatch, overhead squat, jerk, and even the cut up jerk. Since these actions do require a excessive degree of mobility, getting acquainted with the strain and stability wanted all through the physique to help the load can drastically enhance accuracy within the overhead place.

Competitive Advantage

For athletes seeking to take their competitors skill to the subsequent degree it can be crucial that little actions, accent actions, and talent primarily based actions are usually not missed within the pre and submit coaching modalities. After all, the extra mobility, pace, energy, and accuracy a lifter has, the higher. Incorporate the sots press to enhance your overhead place, and in the event you can’t do it fairly but, then make certain to take the time to work in your general mobility, then progress into the motion itself. You’ll thank us later.

The sots press is a superb motion for weightlifters, crossfitters, and nearly any athlete seeking to enhance energy and mobility all through the physique. Here’s learn how to do the sots press.

  1. Start with a barbell or different weighted piece of apparatus (we’ll check with a barbell)
  2. Unrack the barbell or clear the barbell right into a entrance rack/again rack place
  3. Decent right into a squat place with the bar nonetheless within the racked place ensuring to maintain the torso upright
  4. Driving the load into the overhead place from no matter rack you begin with, preserve the torso upright and the core braced, permitting for the bar to get into the complete lockout place overhead and the toes planted firmly into the bottom
  5. With the bar overhead within the locked out place, stabilize, then decrease the barbell again to the beginning place

The kettlebell sots press is identical motion as the normal sots press with a barbell. However, the most important distinction is that you are able to do this motion unilaterally, which means with one arm, versus each on the identical time. This motion could enable so that you can develop a greater mind-muscle connection previous to utilizing the barbell which  could embrace a bit of extra mobility than the kettbells sots press motion.

The sots press is a vital motion to make use of as a warmup or accent when seeking to take your weightlifting to the subsequent degree. Regardless of in the event you’re a weightlifter, crossfitter, or somebody simply seeking to get stronger, this motion goes to place your mobility to the problem. Not fairly there but? No drawback! Instead of utilizing a loaded weight, like a barbell or kettlebell, use a PVC pipe. Still can’t do it? Take just a few steps again and work on general mobility within the shoulders, hips, knees, and thoracic backbone, then strive it once more.

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