5 Birth Chart Placements That Could Show You’re Psychic

The mysterious eighth home (which is dominated by (*5*)) pertains to issues like dying, rebirth, and transformation—so, fittingly, placements on this home may be vital in relation to instinct. Nicholas tells mbg that if somebody’s solar, moon, or ruler of their ascendant is within the eighth home, she’ll ask them if they’ve a sensitivity to the spirit realm.

People with vital eighth home placements additionally might, in response to Nicholas, have a capability to assist with the dying and dying course of, have had a near-death expertise, or are inclined to know issues in regards to the afterlife with out having the ability to clarify them.

Budd echoes this, including that the solar or moon within the fourth or twelfth home can also be indicative of robust instinct. “These are the water sign houses—Pisces the twelfth, Cancer the fourth, and Scorpio the eighth,” she provides.

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