4 Benefits And How To Master The Bar Muscle Up

While you could assume you may watch a video on Instagram, stroll into the gymnasium, soar up onto the bar and easily ‘do’ a bar muscle up, you couldn’t be extra fallacious. Okay, okay, I get it. There are people who find themselves sturdy sufficient and coordinated sufficient to fling themselves up there and do a BMU on a whim, however for many of us, bar muscle ups are a feat of power, health, energy, and most of all, follow. In this text we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of bar muscle ups, the best way to do a BMU, and BMU progressions, simply in case you’re not fairly there but.

Believe it or not a bar muscle up is more durable to do than a strict muscle up on the rings. Whether you’re doing CrossFit, calisthenics, or simply getting extra technical together with your exercises, the bar muscle up could be an elusive and irritating motion. In quick, a bar muscle up takes somebody from a dangling place on the bar to up and excessive of the bar in a full locked out place. This motion is principally solely seen in CF and calisthenics. Chances are that if you happen to’re studying this, you’re in one of many two, and actually seeking to obtain your first BMU or a extra environment friendly BMU. If you’re seeking to turn out to be a extra aggressive athlete then that is positively a gymnastics motion that you simply’re going to wish to grasp with high quality approach and follow to essentially acquire an edge over your fellow rivals. 

Performing a bar muscle up requires you to swing, pull, push, and press. This motion incorporates the complete physique, and in doing so, recruits many muscle tissues throughout the physique from high to backside. More particularly talking, the muscle tissues labored by the bar muscle up embrace the lats, traps, supra- and infraspinatus, theres minor, sub scaps, the core, and the erectors. Not to say the muscle tissues of the arms, such because the forearms, biceps, triceps, and your grip, but in addition within the decrease physique, your hip flexors. Instead of hammering BMU after BMU, it is strongly recommended that you simply work on growing these muscle tissues individually and constructing as much as the complete physique motion as a way to recruit the power and coordination while you want it most, that’s, with out hen winging.

Example workout routines to develop bar muscle up power:

  • dips
  • hanging L-sits
  • kips
  • pull ups
  • lat pull down
  • bent over rows
  • toe to bars
  • kipping C2B & Pull Ups
  • strict muscle ups
  • hole holds
  • archer rocks

The bar muscle up doesn’t simply current bodily advantages but in addition aggressive advantages to these seeking to push their potential in competitors.

By working towards correct mechanic of the bar muscle up you’re inherently going to construct each power and confidence on the excessive bar. In CrossFit, and even calisthenics, this can be a should have when seeking to do extra technical actions or to progress farther from scaled to RX and even into the elite RX divisions. (*4*)  Since this motion recruits all kinds of muscle tissues from the highest of the again and shoulders all the way down to the hip area, you’re going to have the ability to see this power translate over into different actions comparable to thrusters, the place you need to squat and press, in addition to issues like hand stand walks.

    The explosiveness of the bar muscle up that’s wanted to generate drive from being below the bar to getting on high of the bar is arguably probably the most advanced a part of the movement. Yes, you might argue that it’s a feat of power, however with out momentum and energy era, your power is simply going to get you up and over with out being one thing you may keep long run, like in a exercise. In producing extra explosive energy within the BMU, this talent will even double over into your different gymnastic actions in CrossFit comparable to toe to bars, chest to bars, pull ups, and even issues like wall balls and hand stand push ups.

    The bar muscle up in CrossFit requires a good and managed swing with a severely highly effective and powerful press down all through all the talent. One of the largest keys to this motion is pressure, aka retaining the physique within the correct and tight positioning all through, as a way to recruit the proper muscle tissues on the appropriate time. This not solely helps your physique’s weight, however harnesses the facility and relaxation rid of the dreaded hen wing. With coordination and talent, you’ll be capable to join what the higher physique is doing with the assistance of the decrease physique as a way to really feel the ‘snap’ into the hole place, with out the toes coming too excessive, elevating the trunk up and over the bar.

      If you have got poor mobility, you’re merely not going to have the ability to do that motion. Simple truth. The strategy of the motion comes down to a couple completely different items that depend on mobility greater than you in all probability assume. Without having the ability to obtain the correct development positions prior to assembling the entire motion, your physique isn’t going to have the muscle reminiscence to recruit when placing the entire thing collectively. From the hole place, to urgent down and again on the bar, to wrist mobility and positioning excessive of the bar to get into the press place, you’re going to rely closely in your wrist flexion, mobility within the shoulders and the lats, in addition to the power, energy, and coordination talked about beforehand.(*4*) 

      1. A typical mistake when approaching the bar muscle up in CrossFit is beginning the movement from a lifeless dangle. Instead, utilizing your physique’s weight and momentum from the second you hop onto the bar, you’re going to have the ability to generate fairly a little bit of drive and momentum to get your self into the hole maintain place. Start behind the bar, soar and seize the bar in a hole physique place, swing ahead, letting your head drive previous the shoulders, core engaged, and eyes ahead. As your weight begins to load, come again, urgent away from the bar, initiating the preliminary kip place.
      2. As you start to return backwards and go the bar, you’re going to wish to begin to push the bar away from you with straight arms, utilizing that lat drive to generate energy. This is what’s going to generate your momentum from in entrance of the bar to behind it.
      3. As you’re urgent behind the bar with straight arms, you’re going to wish to convey the hips and the toes in entrance of you, producing that upward pull of the hips to the bar. As you convey the hips to the bar with the arms straight, that is the place you flip the wrists up and over the bar, ideally getting the bar to the mid-core/hip area.
        NOTE: that is the place the hen wing is available in. If you’re hen winging, you want to cease, and no, we’re not kidding. At some level in your drive era you’re not producing the correct quantity of drive to get either side up and over the bar. We suggest going again to your drills, breaking down your motion, till you’re capable of rise up and over the bar with each arms, not only one.
      4. After your torso will get up and over the bar you’re going to wish to finish the motion by urgent out of the dip. If pull occurs and also you’re over the bar properly, you’re going to do much less of a dip, and visa versa if you happen to’re not over the bar properly. With string arms on the bar, press up and out, in order that the arms are in a completely prolonged place. From right here, reset, and begin over.

      Similar to what we talked about earlier about working as much as the motion by constructing power, energy, and coordination, bar muscle up progressions aren’t actually a lot completely different.

      Starting with the underside of the motion, listed here are some primary progressions that may help you in being each assured and environment friendly when performing a bar muscle up motion:

      Hollow Holds (on the bottom)

      lay in your again on the bottom and get right into a ‘banana like position’ together with your arms overhead, shoulders off the bottom, urgent the low again into the bottom, and utilizing the decrease abs to lift and maintain the legs off the bottom.

      Hollow Body Kips

      soar on the bar and mimic the hole maintain that you simply had on the ground with this hole physique place. Use your shoulders and momentum to swing ahead, letting the top come by means of and the toes/hips to go behind the physique, then when your momentum begins to shift, press the bar away from you, stepping into that hole maintain place, with the toes and hips barely in entrance of you. This must be a good and managed place all through.

      Hips To Bar

      Using the motion from the hole physique kips on the bar, this time as you press your self away from the bar, get extra energy and attempt to convey the hips to the bar with straight arms, wanting up on the bar or above the bar on the ceiling. Then, press away from the bar, coming again into the entrance place of the hole physique kip

      Hands Over Bar Levers

      This bar muscle up development goes that can assist you work on getting your wrists up and over the bar to organize on your transition. You’re going to carry out the identical hip-to-bar place, however this time, you’re going to provide your self a bit of ‘pop’ with the momentum, permitting your arms and wrists to slip excessive of the bar, taking your knuckle place from dealing with the ceiling, to over the entrance of the bar. You ought to really feel a slight ‘weightlessness’ on this place and your grip goes to loosen up a bit of. Then, when your momentum begins to shift down, regrip the bar and return into your kip

      Get Over The Bar 

      The final bar muscle up development is definitely getting over the bar after your wrists flip over. So as an alternative of staying below/behind the bar when your wrists flip over, use massive hips to rise up and over the bar. Think about pulling the bar to the abdomen or hip space, then as soon as over the bar, end by urgent out of the place, locking out the arms, finishing your bar muscle up development work. Into the following rep you go!

        In quick, the bar muscle up motion in CrossFit could be a make it or break it motion, particularly in the case of competitors requirements. However, with correct follow, power, and coordination improvement (to not point out mobility), you may truly be taught to grasp this motion very quickly. However, be sure that to not hen wing over the bar, as this not solely alerts poor approach, however it could actually additionally set you up for a fairly extreme harm (yikes). All in all, follow makes excellent. You obtained this!

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