14 Tips To Help A Friend Through A Breakup, From Therapists


Again, all of us heal in a different way.

“Try not to pass judgment on how a person chooses to heal,” Shuavarnnasri says. They add, “If your friend engages in behaviors that are destructive, be the compassionate friend who can lovingly support them to behave in ways that are more aligned to their values.”

Shuavarnnasri says training nonviolent communication abilities may also help in these conditions. Nonviolent communication is “when we use empathy and compassion within our language,” they clarify. This can sound like, “I know all of this is really hard, and I know you’re trying your best. I’m also noticing some behaviors that might be hindering your healing process. Are you open to hearing my suggestions?”

This instance demonstrates how centering your pal, their values, and their emotions is vital to transferring them by the method of a breakup. 

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