What is an Existential Crisis? And How to Cope with it?

At some cut-off date, all of us face questions like, what is the true which means of life, what is my life’s function, or who am I? Life is a thriller and occupied with life’s deep questions is very pure. However, when these ideas grow to be all-consuming, you’re feeling overwhelmed with despair, anxiousness, and frustration. This is what is often known as an existential disaster. 

What Is Existential Crisis?

An existential disaster happens when an individual begins to query his or her very personal existence. It will be described as persistent unfavorable emotions and feelings that an individual experiences whereas looking for the inherent which means of life. In some instances, excessive ideas and unanswerable questions depart one feeling annoyed, anxious, depressed, and even suicidal.

Existential dread or existential anxieties are different names for a similar. Many folks undergo a part of existential disaster. An existential disaster could end result from intense emotions of despair as you take into account questions like, “What is the point?” or “Why does any of this matter?” 

It usually coincides with a turning level in life. Therefore, any important incident that breaks the prevailing and protected sample of pondering or residing and throws one from the identified to the unknown will be thought-about as a set off. It can be borne out of a sudden exterior disruption like a pandemic or a pure calamity that breaks the security web or a sample that up to now was considered regular life. 

Signs of an Existential Crisis

It is regular to suppose deeply about your life or query your emotions. The difficulty is available in when no reply satisfies you. It turns into a continuing loop of advanced questions with no fulfilling answer. This, in flip, leads to a battle inside your self about your purpose for existence. Anyone of any age can undergo an existential disaster. 

Many of those signs could seem comparable to these of different psychological diseases. To determine an existential disaster, search for set off factors. Generally, the problem of on a regular basis life or hardships at work or household doesn’t boil down to this. Major life-changing incidents act as a set off for an existential disaster to happen. Any state of affairs that disrupts your day by day routine is a seed for the disaster to develop. 

Understanding the signs will enable you to determine such a state of affairs:

  • Lack of will for day by day chores
  • Constant irritability and scepticism
  • Unexplained worry
  • No motivation or vitality
  • Questioning each selection
  • Constant anxiousness
  • Feeling depressed
  • Isolating from family members
  • Feeling overwhelmed 
  • Loneliness 
  • Rising ranges of tension
  • Panic assaults
  • Negative self-worth
  • Sudden suicidal ideas
  • Symptoms of grief

Causes of an Existential Crisis

Causes of an Existential Crisis

1. Death of Loved Ones

Sometimes the lack of a beloved one can even set off an existential disaster as one begins to query the which means of life and the finality of loss of life.

2. Facing the Possibility of One’s Death

An existential disaster associated to loss of life means you might be targeted on the potential of dying and what occurs after that. This existential anxiousness could happen with age or with the analysis of a power sickness. 

3. Divorce or a Breakup

Sometimes the tip of a private relationship, which indicators the tip of a unit and the shortage of an individualistic identification, typically develops a sense of low self-worth. It makes the particular person query life, leads to anxiousness and loneliness. 

5. Pandemic

The whole world is going via a pandemic. People have misplaced their jobs, family members, relations, dad and mom, livelihood and the whole lot to this pandemic. Isolation and never having the ability to join with folks have led to a way of loneliness. 

We are surrounded by grief, struggling, and loss of life, which have led to a sense of helplessness, anxiousness, and frustration. It makes one query the uncertainty and meaninglessness of life.

6. Freedom of Choice

We all love our freedom. However, an excessive amount of freedom can even trigger uncertainty, melancholy, and even anxiousness. The freedom to do something can lead to an existential disaster.

7. Emotional Crisis

Some folks suppress their feelings, and sooner or later, these emotions could bounce again with depth, main them to really feel these feelings dramatically. This can depart an individual feeling overwhelmed and so they could start a downward spiral if their emotional disaster is not resolved.

8. Fear of Responsibility

There is no proper manner to dwell life. What you make of life is your accountability. This sort of thought course of can instil a worry of failure. The indisputable fact that nobody else can come to your rescue and you might be alone on this journey referred to as ‘life’ can alienate one from others.   

When you understand that you’re about to make a major determination, which may alter the course of your life, it might probably work as a set off and might lead to existential anxiousness. 

9. Significant Life Events

Ideally, folks cherish vital life occasions. However, some folks could really feel crippled by them. Turning 50, children leaving residence, residing alone, and many others. are examples that may depart you questioning life. Change is tough and the transitioning part will be nerve-wracking. Some main life occasions result in existential dread. 

10. Identity Crisis

You start to query the basics and your very identification. Look again on life and really feel that you haven’t expressed your self. You have trodden the protected path or you haven’t voiced your displeasure. You could have shoved your grief underneath the carpet. In the method, you’ve denied your self. 

How Existential Crisis Affects Mental Health?

An existential disaster happens when an individual feels a way of meaninglessness in life, an absence of motivation, and a way of fixed despair. People typically battle with psychological well being points like anxiousness and melancholy throughout a interval of existential disaster.

However, anxiousness and melancholy attributable to the existential disaster are very totally different from medical melancholy and anxiousness. Existential anxiousness is attributable to the worry of life’s true which means or the shortage of which means. An particular person might really feel anxious about their life selections or the shortage of freedom to make a selection. 

Existential melancholy refers to the emotions of disinterest, disappointment, hopelessness, and lack of motivation that usually accompany an existential disaster. An particular person could really feel hopeless in regards to the society, world, and life generally. They really feel there is no level in doing something as a result of nothing will make a distinction to anybody. This leads to an absence of motivation and impacts the psychological well being of the particular person.

Existential disaster makes an particular person really feel undesirable and consequently, they isolate themselves from others. During this disaster, family members and mates ought to assist such folks and make them really feel beloved. They ought to be reminded how vital they’re to the world. Constant assist and love will help folks deal with existential melancholy, anxiousness, and different psychological well being points.  

Ways to Cope with an Existential Crisis

Ways to Cope with an Existential Crisis

1. Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Follow the follow of writing or filling a journal each day with each little factor that makes you grateful.

Simple issues like being grateful for the meals in your plate or the clear air that you just breathe can be useful. At instances if you query life’s which means, learn the journal. It will remind you of all of the issues you might be blessed with.

2. Train Your Mind to Be Positive

Train Your Mind to Be Positive

Going via an existential disaster part will cloud your thoughts with unfavorable ideas. It is typically tough to break the loop of negativity. Hence, practice your thoughts to search for positives amongst all of the negatives.

Simple instruments like meditation, creating optimistic affirmations, and going for a strenuous exercise might assist one get out of unfavorable area.

3. Let Go of the Fear of the Unknown

Let Go of the Fear of the Unknown

It is pointless to fret about issues that aren’t underneath your management. Understand and make peace with the truth that you can’t discover solutions to the whole lot. 

Therefore, being aware and easily being within the current will help you cope higher. A easy train of bringing again your focus to the current second, finding out the encompassing, specializing in respiration, and telling your self that life is stunning, could be a life-changing hack. 

4. Segment Big Questions

Segment Big Questions

Most questions that come up throughout an existential disaster are advanced and tough to reply. Break massive questions into smaller ones. This will help one to simplify life. Therefore, take one child step at a time and cease the noise in your thoughts.

5. Say It Out Aloud

Say It Out Aloud

You muddle your thoughts with fixed contemplation. Saying it aloud will enable you to determine the true points. Talk it out with a good friend or a member of the family. Hearing a perspective that is totally different from yours could change the way in which you take a look at issues.

6. Divert Your Energy

Divert Your Energy

Do not dwell on any uncomfortable or traumatic expertise. Put your vitality into issues that you’re obsessed with. Take up hobbies or assist for a trigger to discover fulfilment in life. 

When to Seek Help?

You can come out of an existential disaster by your self. Visit a therapist to navigate via this higher. If ideas about your existence and life make you’re feeling anxious or depressed or negatively have an effect on you in different methods, it could be time to see a psychological well being skilled. 

When the signs are recurring or grow to be worse, then you should go to a psychologist. They will help you thru common periods of CBT (cognitive behavioural remedy). If an existential disaster leads to suicidal ideas, ask for quick assist. Visit a very good psychological well being skilled to deal with anxiousness and melancholy on the very onset. 


Wondering about life and your function on this world is pure. Many folks undergo these existential ideas sooner or later of their lives. Thinking about such questions doesn’t lead to an existential disaster. However, the feelings that end result from these questions and the emotions that come up can lead to conditions the place your whole existence turns into a query.  

Take cost or take assist, rely your blessings, speak about your issues, and divert your vitality into constructive actions. Look for enablers that may actively enable you to break away from an existential disaster. Sometimes forgiving others, not occupied with previous errors, and easily letting go, are additionally instruments that may enable you to deal with an existential disaster. Though it is self-treatable, you can even go to a therapist for sooner restoration. Follow the ideas given and search assist if required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which remedy helps with existential crises?

A. There is a separate department of psychotherapy referred to as existential remedy. It focuses primarily on dealing with an existential disaster. It helps you to improve self-awareness and focus in your obligations, your actuality, and happiness. Existential therapists additionally train you the truth that worries and anxiousness are part of life. They will enable you to positively cope with these.

Q. How are you able to assist a good friend going via an existential disaster?

A. You can begin by being a protected area for them to open up. Do not invalidate their emotions or questions. Listen to them with an open coronary heart and provides your options. Reassure them that it is okay to really feel that manner. Gently encourage them into searching for skilled assist in the event that they occur to have suicidal ideas.

Q. Do youngsters undergo an existential disaster?

A. Gifted youngsters and youngsters are able to going via an existential disaster. The capability to query life or function typically begins in adolescence. However, some youngsters possess particular abilities and emotional traits. Such youngsters can ponder upon life. There isn’t an outlined age or gender when it comes to an existential disaster.

Q. Are midlife crises and existential crises the identical?

A. Both are usually not the identical. However, a mid-life disaster could be a sort of existential disaster. A mid-life disaster makes you query your achievements. It offers you a sense of not having completed sufficient. An existential disaster is a broad umbrella time period. One sort of existential disaster is due to important alteration in life occasions. Hence, one thing inevitable, like reaching center age, experiencing empty nest syndrome, or comparable anticipated occasions in a single’s life cycle, can attain large proportions within the thoughts and set off an existential disaster.

Q. What is existential OCD?

A. Repetitive ideas in regards to the which means of life or your function in it may be an existential obsessive compulsion dysfunction. It is an obsession with such ideas that don’t depart your thoughts. It turns into inconceivable to settle down with out discovering the solutions to your questions. Existential OCD consumes a giant a part of your day with the identical loop of questions on existence.

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